Ever dream you were in pain?

I did last night.

It was in the back, at the top of my right hip, and it was so disabling I couldn’t do my assigned task in what seemed to be a military environment. The dream - and the pain - seemed to have gone on for quite some time, but when I awoke almost immediately when the dream ended I had no pain.

So here it is Saturday morning, and I’m trying to find the connection. My best guess:

Last Sunday in Church, a woman (late 40’s - early 50’s?) directly in front of me was in obvious discomfort and from her hand placement, her pain was precisely where mine was in the dream. She tried massaging, sitting on the church-supplied hymnal, placing it directly beneath her right buttock, but nothing helped.

Not able to stand it without trying to help, I asked my wife for her tiny tote of Tylenol, and with some trepidation, asked the woman if she’d like to take one.

"YOU’RE FUCKIN’ A I WOULD!!" the woman sang out unhesitatingly for the whole congregation to hear. She whipped the bottle from my hand, poured out two tablets gave it back and headed for the john. When she returned we were friends for the rest of the Mass.

Well, actually, what she said was an enthusiastic, yet sotto voce Yess!!! vaguely reminiscent of Marv Albert.

But everything else was true.

That happens to me all the time, I usually wake up in pain though.
Two examples come to mind…
1)I had a dream my leg was being bitten by a snake, woke up with a leg cramp.
2)Had a dream my eyes where being glued shut, woke up with pink eye (and all that that entrails).