Ever feel like you're in the middle of a commercial?

The other day hillbilly king and I were eating pizza and watching TV. Our son came in the room, looked at the pizza, and ran into the dining room. He came running back into the den with this indignant look on his face and said “where’s my cheesy breadsticks?” “What cheesy breadsticks?” we asked. “Cheesy breadsticks from Pizza Hut.” “We don’t have any”, I said. Just as his bottom lip started poking out and his eyes started getting wet, I realized that he thought we had gotten a Pizza from Pizza Hut without getting him anything. We had to explain that it was … DIGIORNO!

I had a really weird one this weekend. We were at a memorial service for my husband’s mother’s brother’s wife. (His Aunt by marriage, I guess.) Anyway, she died of cancer and the (adult) kids got up to say a few words and one of them started rambling on about how great the hospice was that they used and they’d recommend it to everyone and the address was, etc etc. It was sort of “Truman Show” ish and unsettling.

Once a stranger complimented the dress I was wearing and said “I love it!” and I could in all honesty say “I got it at ROSS!” That was hysterical!

yes. and i wish it would hurry up and get to the part where they offer me the constipation cure…