Ever get an idea for a one-panel cartoon?

I can’t draw, but if I were Dan Piraro I would draw a panel that depicted Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz standing near a ziggarut (stepped pyramid), her eyes blackened with kohl, a huge dust devil approaching from behind. Nearby is Professor Marvel wearing a long robe and sporting a long, squared off & curly beard, reclining in front of his chariot. The caption would be:


Imagine two guys paddling in canoes. One guy’s canoe has a really big alligator in it.

Caption: I told you to be sure to bring your P F D

The banker guy from the Monopoly game standing on a high place, pissing on working people. ‘Trickle-Down Theory’.

A man, holding a handkerchief out to a woman:

“Does this smell like chloroform to you?”

I never did but my son had an idea for a cartoon, he wrote to the late New Yorker cartoonist Handelsmann, who actually used it and paid my son a fee (which he didn’t cash). It was at the peak of the dot.com boom, it appeared in a December issue and it showed a group of people sitting around saying something like, "We had only enough venture to last one day, but by some miracle it lasted for eight.

So if you have an idea for a cartoon, try writing to the cartoonist. It can work. I gather they get ideas from people all the time and use some of them.

Irritable-looking guy, struggling to push a gigantic concrete letter “e” into a moving van, where there is already a gigantic letter “o”, ‘a’, etc., to someone interrupting his labors:

“I told you to leave me alone when I’m trying to move my vowels.”

I had an idea for one a few years ago after watching a few episodes of “Emeril” on the Food Network. The title of the cartoon is “Emeril at Home” and shows his family sitting around the dinner table as he brings dinner to the table. One of the kids pipes up “Spaghetti? Again?

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נס גדול היה שם

(Nas gadol hayah sham – “A great miracle happened there.” – source of the four Hebrew letters on a dreidel.)

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I’ve drawn a few sketches as ideas have come, but never really took the time to draw them properly.

One was a parking lot showing the handicap spaces filled with a wheelchair and crutches, etc.

Another one was a the clerk at the Secretary of State telling a guy she needed Proof of Birth, so he walks over and photocopies his bellybutton.

A black and white cow saying “Booooooooooo”.

It’s topical.

Oh, I like that last one!:stuck_out_tongue: