Ever Google yourself and find out you're a star of gay erotica?

Mark Ruffalo just did. And he’s loving it.

So, apparently, there’s an Avengers fan meme, “Science Bros”, that casts Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/Hulk and Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark as a couple. There’s art, cosplay, fiction, you name it. I wasn’t previously aware of this, but it’s, like, a thing. Mark Ruffalo was also unaware, until just a couple of days ago. But then…

My favorite part is that in the 24 hours since this story came out, "gummy worm" has already caught on.

Oh, be still my beating heart. Thanks for all those links.

Well, not the star. At most a bit player, removed before the second act.

I just found out about this yesterday (from the same article) and I think it’s just adorkable. :slight_smile:

Especially Ruffalo’s response to it. Can’t wait to see RDJr’s! :slight_smile:

Ever Google yourself and find out you’re a star of gay erotica?


Me either. But the weekend is coming up!


Okay, writers of the Dope - make it happen! :slight_smile:

No, and believe me man I’ve been looking.

Oh my god that is the best thing I’ve seen all week. Thank you so much for this - I think you saved my sanity. I’ve been valiantly ignoring the Stark/Capt’n shippers because I just find that totally unbelievable, so this is … much better. Much. We just need to find someone to hook Loki up with, and life will be perfect.
Now my computer is going to be full of teh gay again. Damnit.

I seem to be a character played by Broderick Crawford.

So try that on for size, Mr secure in his heterosexuality Mark Ruffalo: not superhero slashfic gay, no. Broderick Crawford gay.

Even better still: Has your co-worker in the next cubicle over ever googled you and found out you’re a star of gay erotica? And then asked you about it?

I had that experience (sort-of) a few years ago.

Next-cubicle-neighbor asked me if I had my own web site. Uhhhh, no. Why?

He had googled my name and found a web site named [noparse]www.LastnameFirstname.com[/noparse] (with my name in there), which, upon closer inspection, proved to be a gay male porn site.

I did a bit of research myself. I found the IP address was assigned to a commercial ISP in a big city far far away from me (in the same country). Googling my name, I found a person with the same name as me in that state. I’m guessing that was his handiwork, although I never determined for certain that that particular person was connected with that web site. But there was evidence for it. I think that person operated the ISP in question.)

(More recently, googling that name, I find that site is long gone, and I find an news article on-line having that person’s obituary. And I find yet another person with the same (uncommon) name in the same area, who is 20-some years older. I’m guessing a father and son with the same name – and the younger one died first.)

Thats kinda what I was thinking. Except with that pump action shotgun sound effect added to it.

I’ve checked porn sites for my first name, and it’s almost always M/M. I guess I don’t have a name sexy to straight people.

My girlfriend’s ex-husband has the same name as (but isn’t) a gay-porn actor.

I am an Italian porn star! I’m not even Italian! I’m also a sociologist in Germany.

I’m not a star of gay erotica, but I am apparently a B-list country music singer.

No, not that b list country music singer.

It just occurred to me that someone out there may have written SDMB-themed erotica. If such a thing exists, do me a favor and don’t tell me, please.

No - but I did find out that a guy who is a competitive eater shares my name. My family had a field day with that one.

Actual webcam pic of Eli Roth and Christoph Waltz after Roth showed Waltz the fanfiction kinkmeme for their Inglorious Basterds characters.

There’s also a Lord of the Rings one out there but I forget the exact circumstances and I’m at work right now so I don’t want to go looking too hard. At a press event, some fans showed some of the hobbit actors (IIRC) a photo manipulation of their characters having sex. The media caught their looks of shock and (what seems to be) disgust.

No, but a google search of my full name brings up a serial killer in Texas. Luckily, I was 5 years old when the murders occurred, so there was no case of mistaken identity. :smiley:

“Don’t they know we’re brothers?!?”
“They don’t seem to care.”