Ever had a bad day...?

well sit right back and you’ll hear a tale of our fateful trip…

we were gonna have a roadtrip journety
BrainerdMN - StCloud MN (90 miles) but beforehand, we had to dig out a drainage trough from my friend’s parent’s restaurant to the road. with all the snow melting, it was a lake. so we left at 2:30, wanted to get outta Brainerd at 12:00, but it was all good. we get about 7 miles outta town, and we’re feelin’ good, listenin’ to Queen, cruisin’ down the highway, my 2 best friends and I. we get about 10 miles outta town, doin’ 71, 72 MPH when we see a Hwy Patrolman flash his lights and turn around.
got nabbed for doin’ 71,72 in a 50. a $90 ticket

so we continue, already tainted our trip, but we are persistent.
we get to St Cloud, the mecca of Central MN; and go to the only place where a respectable teen would
the Mall

and so we get there, and before we know it, it’s 4:50, and we want to go to a movie (Crouching tiger hidden dragon)
we call up the movie place (now it’s 5:10, we had to find a phone book…)
and they say the movie started at about 4:40

so we are even more pissed and go to Audio King to drown our sorrows by listening to Electrostatic speakers.

we get out of Audio King at about 7:30, and while walking out to the car, our driver gave a loud “FUCK!!!”
we knew something was up, ran to the truck, pulled on the handles and they didn’t budge. I looked inside, and I could see that the keys were in the ignition, and the doors were locked.
we called AAA and they came and jimmied the doors.

needless to say, we left St. Cloud and came back to brainerd. Waste of a day.

:frowning: Awwwwwwww… That was a truly awful day, sweetie. Yet, all is not lost. You were with your friends, and you did get to the St Cloud and the mall, after all. Hope your next outing goes better. And, tell your friend don’t forget to stick to the speed limit next time.


I hope I hope I hope I hope I REALLY Hope my roadtrip I have planned this summer doesn’t get messed up.

Sorry to hear you had such a crummy experience.

This isn’t really at that level as Ad Noctum’s story, but it tends to amuse me…

It’s a Sunday in mid=August, 1996. On Friday, I’d gotten out from my three-day stretch at the local psych ward for depression. Saturday night, I had e-mailed my long-distance-internet-romance girlfriend, asking if she still loved me.

I woke up that morning, and checked my email before going any farther. I got my answer: “No”. Strike one on the day.

I go downstairs for breakfast and my parents inform me that due to her continuing epilepsy and the fact that the six phenobarbital a day she’s taking are losing their efficacy, they’re going to have the dog put to sleep. (If you’ve never seen 175 pouinds of St. Bernard in grand mal seizure, it’s rally a sight.) Strike two.

Then I have breakfast.

I continue to go about my day, I go see “Trainspotting”, I go out carousing with my buddies, etc. I get home that night and find out a girl I had spent some time canoodling with the night before I left college–a girl I never really expected to hear from again–had called me while I was out. Strike two-point-five. (It would have been a full stirke if she’d ripped into me.)

So, in review: my girl don’t love me, my dog’s gonna die, and the old flame comes a-callin’.

I swear, all I really needed to do was go to jail or lose my car, and I could have taken up a guitar and written the song that would have gotten me the opening slot for Garth Brooks. As I’ve been on a total of one date since then and am still petless, there are those who could say I still haven’t fully recovered.

So that’s my bad day. Comments?