Ever had voice and data on your Blackberry?

My boss wants to combine his cell phone and Blackberry and just use one device. He currently has a Blackberry 7290. He is not a techy guy. He just wants one device that does what he needs: makes calls and receives push email. Oh, and he doesn’t much like change.

So, I turn to you on your opinions of using a Blackberry also as a phone. Pros? Cons? Did you like it? Did you feel like a dork talking on your Blackberry? Should I just add a voice plan? Or, since his contract is up mid-April, wait until then and get a different phone?

I’ve read that this Blackberry doesn’t have a speakerphone. I don’t believe that would be an issue.

I’m pretty sure they’re all phones as well. I have a Curve with AT & T, and it works just dandy as a phone. It’s not all bulky as some of the others, so it looks like…well, like I’m on the phone, not holding a calculator against my ear.

ETA: I didn’t pay close enough attention - if he doesn’t like change and wouldn’t change models and a newer model isn’t a viable option, then I’m pretty worthless. FWIW, mine does have a speakerphone, and Bluetooth.

What I mean is, were you/are you satisfied with the quality/ease of use of the voice function? My boss will make a change if he’s going to hatehatehate how well his Blackberry works as a phone or if it’s a PITA. I was hoping to answer some objections in advance like, just get a new phone! Or get the SuperSweet5200! In addition to voice and data, it launches missiles AND does your laundry!!!

See what I mean? You’re not worthless!! :slight_smile:

I use mine for everything, and I really like it…it’s very handy to have everything integrated. For example, if someone sends you an e-mail with their telephone number in it, you can click right on it and it will dial the number for you.

Most of the ones you see these days look pretty streamlined, which I think helps avoid that “calculator to the ear” effect that Mr. Buy Guy mentioned. Bluetooth helps, too, but the argument could be made that wearing an earpiece looks even more goofy. I try to avoid ever wearing mine outside of my car!

In answer to your second post, the sound quality of the voice function is better than I’ve ever had on any cell phone, and it’s just as easy if not easier to use, so I’ve never had any frustration where that’s concerned.

Oooo, please please please tell me that my boss’s 7290 version will do this! (If not, just lie to me. I’ll check on the actual device tomorrow.)

Exxxxxcellent. I wonder why it’s better?

Oh, sure it will! Actually, I don’t know if they all do it…I have an 8703e, and I am an idiot when it comes to this stuff…my boss just bought me what our IT person recommended.

I’m not sure. I think the technology just keeps getting better & better all the time, and my phone was already 2 or 3 years old when I got the Blackberry. I hardly ever get dropouts or bad reception on it…it’s awesome. Maybe because you have to have a good connection capability in order to send/receive data?

The 7290s cell phone feature is generally considered sub-par to modern phones. Out of 800-some-odd deployed, crappy voice was by far the largest complaint. In fact, we had significant hurdles to deployment because of the general disdain.

This is coming from people who spend a few hours daily on the phone. If your boss falls into the few minutes a day category, then of course his experience will be different.

Data (email / SMS / MMS) is without equal, of course.

Very good, Grave. That’s quite helpful.

I feel like I ask for a lot of recommendations on a lot of office-oriented stuff here, and to those who respond, and those who just read, thank you for your help. In my job, it’s really mainly me to handle all the technical stuff. All the things I’d ask an IT department, I end up asking here. I appreciate you all taking the time to help me out.

I do IT work at a large law firm. I have an 8700 which I like (both voice and data). Prior to that I had a 7290 and prior to that a 7230. They all pretty much worked the same way and I’ve always been happy with the cell phone functionality.

I am also not a big fan of cell phones in general, so I don’t expect anything fancy out of my phone - I can call numbers easily, speak and be heard, that’s about all I need. Never used the speakerphone.

Yes if someone emails you their phone number the BB will recognize it and let you click on it and dial that number.

I’ve been using a Blackberry for voice and data for about 5 yrs now, but I specifically started off with the 7100 Charm because it was narrower and more phone-shaped than the other models of that time (which includes the 7290, incidentally). I’ve since moved on to a Pearl, which isn’t much larger than your average bar-format cell phone, and I’m quite happy with its performance so far.

Unfortunately, my work-issued devices have been clunky models like the 7290 and 8700, which just feel too much like holding a wallet against my ear - I often specifically wait till I’m back at my desk to place a call. Most of the employees around here who are heavy voice users on their BBs tend to prefer using a headset, rather than talking into the unit itself.

I’d say wait until April, and then upgrade to the latest and greatest - namely, the Curve. It’s got all the same features as a 7290, but better network performance and a sleeker more phone-like design.

I have a 7100I through work on Nextel.

It works pretty good for all functions. I can make phone calls, send/receive email, use our in-house IM program (Sametime), browse the web, and use google maps.

Some features are disabled due to IT policies, and the password locking drives me nuts (IT policy).

My only complaint, and it’s my complaint on nearly every cell phone, is that the headset volume is too low. From the device itself it’s fine, but too low on the headset. As I drive a stick, I need to use a headset when driving, but would even in an automatic, as I have a hard time holding up a phone while driving… not to mention that it limits my mobility to check lanes/traffic when driving.

Thanks, all.