Ever heard of anyone on opiates doing this and why?

I know about the nodding off thing people do.

The person in question is taking oxycontin. They’ll go to the refridgerator or stand before a cabinet for example. Then you notice eyes are closed and they start doing this low level growl/almost scream.

You’ll tap them on the shoulder and they just snap out as if nothing weird. Then at night, ugh. you’re woken to this sound midway between a moan and a scream. over and over and over. Go into their room and their just standing up up rocking back and forth and making animal noises.


Then also in night, they get up go to bathroom like every 10 minutes. Then you hear the moans and growls and yelps. Crack open door and their just standing there mouth agape, eyes closed moaning or slightly jumping up and down.

As you can imagine it’s very irritating to be around.

I’ve been on OxyContin and around people on it periodically in the past. I can agree with the frequent urinartion. As for the rest, it sounds more like something else.

its not frequent urination, its more like a sleep stupor or something. except carrying on like the girl in the exorcist.

Sounds like they may be having some opiate withdrawal symptoms.

At other times, they may just be crooning along with their inner opioid buzz.

I like that description, crooning along with their inner opioid buzz. Seems like an apt and probable description, to me.

I know nothing about opiates, but are you possibly hearing a distorted form of snoring? Perhaps their, um, altered state of consciousness is messing with the usual reflexes that keep the airway clear.

(Disclaimer: Not a doctor. Suggest you go consult with a real one in this case.)

I have seen people do a lesser version of that while under the effects of heroin. Sleeping and humming/buzzing. Sometimes with eyes open.

I believe that oxycontin can disturb the REM sleep cycle & lack of REM sleep can lead to odd behaviors, including growling noises. At least there seems to be anecdotal evidence in my experience.

I have heard people on opiates bark like a seal (in the bathtub, no less!), babble and jabber, sing scat, hum, and “get slappy,” which I have never actually seen, but it appears to involve some kind of slap-happy hijinks that, you know, I figure I’m better off not seeing.

I have also seen lots and lots of the “system offline” mode where they will just stand there, say, in front of the sink with the water running, and when you make a noise and startle them, they think they just got there. Or sitting in a chair with a *whole cigarette * that is ash.

I was taking the trash out one night, and just in front of my house was a guy who had nodded off, standing up, on a bicycle. I went up to him, I’m like, excuse me friend, I mean you no disrespect but you know, it would kinda be a buzzkill to wind up in jail, and you’re standing here on Front Street … dig?

He perked right up – oh, yeah, yeah, sure you’re right, off I go.

Went back upstairs, couple hours later I got on my bike to go somewhere, *and he’s still there, * having got about 5 feet away from his previous position, just a singing scooby-doo to himself, all laid-back and mellow.

So I had a further word with him, now you’re gonna get jacked up, you’re looking kinda obvious bro, etc. etc.

Came back a couple hours later, and he had progressed as far as the corner, where he had taken a seat, with the bike akimbo nearby. I shook my head, and went inside.

I noticed the brainfreeze effect in hospital at the beginning - I would blink and it would be hours later. I think the humming and babbling is because you are warm and fuzzy and happy and nothing hurts, and something in the morphine in my case was short circuiting any sort of inhibition. If I was thinking it, it popped out of my mouth. My mom tells me that I was babbling like I was 2 years old again. <shrug> I know that if I get injured and end up on it again, I will use it until the pain has gotten to an OTC NSAID management level, and I will drop it again. In a world where an addiction to morphine doesnt do the harm it can do to the body, I would happily be addicted to it. In this world, I prefer to be able to actually think and feel the outside world and not destroy my liver and brain.

I do this thing you are describing. I didn’t always but it started while I was taking Suboxone. I am now researching my symptoms, not much around. I am not addicted at the moment, haven’t been for about 8 years but if I use to much it starts. If I’m up and active, no problem but when I try to nod, I start moaning. No Pain, just sounds like I’m in pain. It has freaked a few people out. This can go on for a few hours. Basically until I straighten out. Would like to of others who do this or know someone who does. Is it an allergic reaction to the contents? dope isn’t always just dope. Is the dope being cut with morphine or other synthetic opiates?

dextromorphan (robotussin) can do the same.
Its based on morphine… and the its active on the same part of the brain that LSD effects.

Basically, a bad trip…
any of the opiates can do the bad trip thing…

bicycle guy has taken way too much of a sedative, like the oxy or methadone…

I’ve just been withdrawing from zopiclone clean off and I’ve started all this as I was doing it and its getting worse
It’s scaring the life out of me
I groan whine sounds like I’m in pain but not
I was in detox for 2 weeks close contact with Psychaitrist
Have a meeting later I also have MEcfs
It’s scaring me so much