Ever hung out backstage at a show?

IANAGroupie, but I did last night for the first time. Ween and The Black Crowes. I didn’t meet any of the band members but hung out and watched them try to get a couple of groupees onto the bus. I snickered a few times as they were tossing out lines and they shot me some looks like “Dude, shut the hell up! Your gonna blow my cover!” Those Black Crowes, the lead singer and keyboardist, are starting to look a bit like Iggy Pop. Super prominant cheek bones, skinny arms, etc. Lay off the dope, people!

Tonight I’ll be backstage for David Lee Roth. Stay tuned for a report.

Sorta backstage anyway.

I went backstage to photograph a member of the Harlem Globetrotters. Alas the guy I was there to photograph wasn’t there, but all the rest were. They were all milling about, each wearing their warmup suits, and flinging the basketballs back an forth. Basketballs arround the body, weaving between the legs, palming, spinning balls on one finger, rolling up and down arms, around backs, every stunt in the book, EXCEPT: Nobody was dribbling, and nobody was talking. It was almost eerie to see the Globetrotters up close, in constant frantic motion and virtually silent.

Once the Globetrotters were on the floor, there was no reason to be backstage. Being on the floor was pretty funny too. At one point, the ref came up to me and whispered “Don’t stand THERE.” I moved and kept my cameras dry.

Way back in the day, when Nirvana was touring in support of their first album,Bleach, I got backstage and met the entire band.

I noticed Kurt Cobain was reading Burroughs and we talked about his works for awhile.

After that, any time they came into Chicago, I always had my name on the list.

[sub]Still miss you Kurt[/sub]

I wouldn’t call it “hanging out”, as I was working, but during my law enforcement years I used to moonlight working security at concert venues. All I usually had to do is stand around back stage with the performer making sure everything is all secure. This may sound unimpressive, but I bet I’ve met more musicians than 99% of any of you. Of course, this was back in the very early/mid 80’s so the stars I met were of the likes of Blondie, Howard Jones, Human League, Boy George, Donna Summer, K.C. & the Sunshine band, so on. Over 100 in all. I usually ended up eating dinner with them and having some great conversations, and finding out who was a “real person” and who wasn’t. Blondie was playing at the State Fair during the big decline of that band, and wanted me to take her to the live stock barns on the fair grounds so she could see the animals, just me & her. She was still hot then, but I was already married and not interested. What a waste I bet some of you are saying!:stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you’d never ask…

Picture it. September 1969. Woodstock was less than a month ago. Karl is a long-haired freak still on the way up in his drugs and music era (the way down is less colorful). And he’s offered a backstage pass to the Toronto Rock & Roll Revival.

All day, and much of the night, spent hobnobbing with these amazing people. Imagine, bumming a cigarette (a Kool) from Chuck Berry. What a trip talking with Alice Cooper as they put on their makeup. Nobody was even interested in them. They were just midday filler! Making chit chat with (and thereby insulting) Tony Joe White (“you’re Bobby Joe who?”). Little Richard. Jerry Lee Lewis. Chicago Transit Authority (i.e. Chicago). Flashing a peace sign to John Lennon and getting one back … And mescaline (hey it was 1969!) just in time for one James Morrison (no he didn’t whip it out) to ad-lib the lyrics for “The End” in reference to the end of the most amazing day in young Karl’s life.

But only once when I wasn’t actually working the event. It was with Cracker, the Gin Blossoms, and the Spin Doctors at Sandstone Ampitheater outside of KC.

One of the local radio stations was hosting a barbeque/hang with the bands thing before the show, and I won a couple of passes. The guys from the Gin Blossoms were alright, the lead singer of Cracker seemed fairly intelligent, and most of the Spin Doctors were at least mildly stoned. They played some basketball, had some food, and signed a bunch of posters and CDs. It was a good time, and I had GREAT seats at the concert afterwards!

I produced a couple of concerts while I was in college, does that count as hanging out backstage? I put up a show for Romanovsky and Phillips (a very funny gay singing duo) and one for Holly Near (a legend in “women’s music”).

Oh, and then there was that time I won an MTV contest and flew to London to hang out with Twisted Sister.

I’m sure no one will be impressed with my experience, but I got to go on the bus and hang out for a few minutes with the guys in Survivor.
You do too remember them. Eye of the Tiger, High on You, The Search is Over, Burning Heart…?

It was fun, though. I got their autographs, hung out and talked for a few minutes, not like I partied with them all night or anything, but I thought it was cool. It’s too bad it was 1995 and no one really cared anymore, so I couldn’t brag much about it…except to my sister, who left as soon as the show was over. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a member of the Better Than Ezra fanclub, I carry a card that entitles me to aftershow privileges.

I was supposed to see BTE Friday night.

It got rained out.

It’s taking time for me to get over the disappointed…however, they should be passing through my state again in September and October.

Unfortunately, those times won’t be for free like this one was.

I’ve met plenty of rock stars besides, and had long conversations with a few, but never backstage.

Well, I didn’t stick around to see David Lee Roth backstage after his show. I guess once you’ve seen one rock star you’ve seen em all. His show couldn’t have been better though. His voice was exactly the same as it was almost twenty years ago and he kept doing those karate high-kicks every two seconds. He puts on a good show. My guess is that he’ll still be singin’, dancin’, and drinkin’ JD’s out of the bottle until the day he dies. Rock on!

Well, I WAS a groupie in the 80’s, so I got invited backstage to many an arena show (but the useless non-screwing kind, so I didn’t get too many repeat invitations, oh well). It would be easier to list the bands I didn’t meet. And what do I have to show for it? A bunch of passes in a scrapbook and a few stories only of interest to other groupies.

Now I work major arena shows in central NC, so I’m backstage from start to finish. But I’m not much of a fan of any of the current acts, so it’s just another job to me, really. However, it’s really cute to see today’s crop of girls running around with the same daft “I’m totally freaking but I gotta look cool” expressions that I’m sure I wore back in the day too.

One of my friends is a professional drummer, and he was playing percussion for Stephen Stills at a concert a couple years ago. I went out to see him, and he got me an all access pass. We rode to the gig in the band limo, and ate dinner with the band. Then I helped him set up, and we walked around the casino he was playing in. Basically we just hung out in the dressing room and pigged out on the complimentary food trays all evening. I had a pretty good time.


Ahem To clarify, I was the “useless non-screwing kind” of groupie, not the shows. Hmm, was there such a thing as a “non-screwing” show back then anyway? Even those good Christian boys Styper partook of the offerings, and I don’t mean the bibles left in their hotel rooms…

…people were nice enough to pretend not to notice.:wink:

Oh, my goodness! I believe I have just made some kind of a witticism! Please indulge me, because I don’t get the opportunity very often on this MB, what with all the other sharp minds who congregate here!

Laughs ass off and fans face while shaking head back and forth

Okay. I’m leaving!


I went backstage for Smashing Pumpkins 93 or 94 in Louisville, KY. Billy Corgin was throwing a hissy fit about something, couldn’t quite catch what it was. But, D’Arcy…mmmmmmmmmm…D’Arcy. Seeing her was the highlight of my night.

My Uncle’s had his own band which was pretty successful in the new wave scene. He was playing once in my town and he got me to go, his music isn’t my style, but I figured heck he’s family. Went back, hung out and all he did was try to hook me up with the ‘girlies’ who came back to hang and party. Most embarassing. Plus they weren’t my type at all.

Metallica, Van Halen, Queenscryche and Alice In Chains.

I used to be a big metalhead, and I had a bunch of friends who called themselves “starfuckers”.

I stopped hanging out with them when I started getting hit on by some of the bandmembers.

It was cool at the time.

I worked backstage at Rockstock '98 here in Chicago, and went to the party afterwards, which was where I first met Rammstein.

After that, I went to see Rammstein in Cleveland and was invited to the aftershow party, then I saw them at Villa Park in Chicago and was invited on the tour bus, where I drank a bottle of gatorade, watched NIN videos and wisely left before being further tempted to break my marriage vows.

I also had a beer and some conversation with Anthrax, but they didn’t hold my interest.


I hung out with the singer from Third Eye Blind, Steven was his name. It was several years ago, before they were popular. By the way, I hate Third Eye Blind. They are a terrible band. Anyway, the guy was a prick! He was just an arrogant dick. It was pretty funny though.
Steven was being an ass the whole time. Then we started talking about where we were from. My one roommate was there too and he is from central Pennsylvania. After hearing that my roommate was from central PA Steven was like “oh, so your a hick, huh?” My roommate responded, “well your from San Francisco, what does that make you?” It was pretty sweet. :slight_smile:

I’be been backstage for many a show. This was back in the 90s so I was between 17 and 20… young and dumb I guess. It was a lot of fun back then. They were all heavy metal bands/hair bands… Van Halen, Poison, Cinderella, Faster Pussycat, and Motley Crue to name a few. They were lots of fun to party with!

I was a bar fly at a place called Silverados (Country Bar) and they had a few bands play there back in 1993-1994. Bryan White was there (he wasn’t very well known then) and we hung out after his show. He was really nice… kinda quiet and shy at first but after a few shots he livened up. They also had a few one hit wonders play there. Boy Howdy, Hank Flamingo, and Pearl River are the first few to come to mind. Boy Howdy wanted me to go to Oklahoma with them…WTF. I just said, “Why would I want to go there and why would I want to go with you!” Then I left and went home. That guy was such a dickhead.