Ever met a billionaire?

I met one yesterday. He’s worth about $3 bil. I went to a party at his house. He co-founded the software company where I work. He is in his 60s and still works but spends a lot of time on charity work, mostly related to environmentalism. His house was big but not super big, he had 4 kids. His house looks like a very nice farm house. Most interesting thing I saw there was a picture of him and his daughter with Mr. and Mrs. Obama so I guess he’s a big donor to Democrats.

I worked for a billionaire back in the '80s–Les Wexner. I was his office manager. Very nice guy, and a good boss.

Yes, I think. He may not have quite a billion dollars, but well over $500 million.

I don’t know the net worth of Fred Smith (of FedEx), but I’d not be surprised to learn he’s a billionaire. I’ve met him several times.

Nope. Billionaires and I do not, shall we say,* travel in the same circles*.

Does a wife count? I was at Melinda Gates birthday party, before she was married to Bill. They were engaged at the time. He was there, I didn’t meet him, just her. She liked what I was wearing, so came over to speak with me. I was with the band.

Yep, met the inspiration for the Buy More Richard Schulze a few times. Pretty agreeable guy.

I sat on a Chamber of Commerce board with one of Sam Walton’s grandson’s. He was about 22 years old, and a very nice kid.

Steve Jobs passed me on the freeway once about 20 years ago. Mercedes with NEXT license plate.

Same here. They are UP THERE and * I’m down here.*

Two, many years ago - Dick DeVos and Jay VanAndel when I worked at Amway world headquarters in Ada, MI.

I once nearly set fire to Chao Sze-tsung.

I work for a 1/4 billionaire, and he hangs with the upper class.
Met Mr. Walton a while back, Pres. Bush 1 & 2, and spent the afternoon with Bernie Marcus last month.

They hardly acknowledge underlings, oddly enough…

I presented an analysis for a sales proposal to a guy whose current net worth is roughly $7 billion. I think it was $9 billion at the time (mid to late 2003). He liked it enough that he signed on with us.

Been to Sadam Hussein’s palace. He wasn’t home, though.

Yes. He bought me a book on Wales when I was eight, because i chose to do a speech on the country for grade three public speaking. It was signed

EDIT: fixed the quote. It read, “To Antonio, from your ‘Welsh Uncle’!”

[Yet sadly, he is not my uncle.]

I once gave Steven Spielberg a private videogame demo. Apparently he’s worth several billion.

Forgot, when I was at school in the 1980s I used to work in a full-service gas station. There was a charming, unassuming old gent who used to come in driving a beat-up Mercedes. I used to fill his car and charge it to the Weston account. He was always friendly and gave me a reasonable tip at Christmas.

It was only when I saw the Sunday Times Rich List a few years later that I realised he was Garfield Weston CBE, chairman of Associated British Foods - and at the time I was filling his car, the richest person in the UK. That is, richer than the Duke of Westminster or the Queen.

The man invented the fucking Wagon Wheel and I did not fall and worship at his feet. Nor did I get the inside scoop on the key question of our times: “they have shrunk, haven’t they?”

My dad knows Warren Buffet. That doesn’t quite count for me, though. I know lots of millionaires. No billionaires.

I’ve met Dick DeVos, but didn’t know he was a billionaire. I thought just a millionaire. I’m more of a thousandaire so millions, billions - all the same to me.

I haven’t, but the spouse met Steve Jobs. In fact, SJ gave him an iPhone (they all got one as a bonus, handed out by the execs, and he got Steve.)