Ever met someone with the same tattoo as you?

Just to annoy her, my girlfriend’s brother found a picture online of someone else with the same tattoo she’s going to get. Looking where he got it from, it wasn’t that difficult a search to pull off.

I’m wondering if those of you with tattoos have ever met anyone with the same tattoo as you. Did you like the encounter, or did it feel like you’d somehow been plagiarized?

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Well, I’d be really surprised because I designed my own. But a friend did bump into someone sporting the same tattoo - she described it as ‘arriving at a party and realising another girl’s wearing the same dress’. But I think she’s cool about it now.

IMHO, if a tat means something specific to you, it wouldn’t matter if someone else had the exact same thing. It would be unlikely that the other party would have it for the same reason.

On the other hand, in certain cases, some people do intentionally get similar tattoos - as a sign of solidarity, I guess.

A good friend of mine and his friends all got their fraternity letters tattooed around their ankles. My tattoos are original designs and I haven’t seen anyone with anything close to it. If I do, I take it they saw my designs in an artists book somewhere and wanted to get the same thing done. I think I would be more flattered that my personal images have more meaning to other people as well.

You know, when I saw this thread title in Cafe Society, I wondered if this was going to be a Raising Arizona thread.

Oh, well. Carry on.

All the time. Anytime I meet somone without tattoos, he or she is the same as me.

I knew when I got my tattoo that it was a pretty common sort of design - tribal piece, small of my back. I didn’t care, I liked it anyway and decided to get it.

What I did not realize is that every stripper in America had the same idea.