Ever notice how some PhD holder are incredibly arrogant and think of themselves as gods?

I guess the words “doctor of philosophy” are what give them the wrong idea of them being so godly or godlike. Anyway, I was reading about how a PhD advisor said “Listen I’m the boss here. If you don’t like that, then get out of my classroom”. That is what really opened up my eyes of PhD arrogance though for some reason I did not realize it sooner…

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I don’t understand. Was this person a teacher who happened to have a PhD? Was it a professor who was advising grad students? Are PhDs the only teachers who wish to maintain control in the classroom? Is a teacher not the boss?

I’ve worked with many PhDs and we are no more or less humble than the general population - much more humble than rich people. Nothing like getting hammered on by your advisor to build humility.
So, please explain.

Ever notice how some people are just assholes? Some have PhD’s. Some are high school dropouts. Some have brown hair.

Is this the start of your new standup act?

You ever notice how PhD holders are arrogant? And airline food. Oof, don’t get me started.

I have a low opinion of PhDs who feel a need to generally advertise the fact that they’ve got one, like signing emails “Fred Smith, PhD” or shit like that.

A good example is former Trump Administration clown Sebastian Gorka, who has “Sebastian Gorka DrG” as his Twitter handle. Congrats, dude, and the rest of us are so impressed.

Wait, airlines still serve food?

And what’s the deal with socks? Why do they come with that little hanger? Are there people who have sock closets?

I once worked with a guy who insisted that everyone call him Doctor. His surname was Bates, so we were expected to call him Doctor Bates. I once asked him what other degrees he had. He was all too happy to talk about his two Masters degrees. I asked, “What did people call you when you only had the Masters degrees but not the PhD?” He was confused so I followed up with, “Did they call you Master?” He didn’t find it funny.

And what’s with those MDs, insisting that we call them “Doctor” and listen to them about their medical opinions? The cheek of it!

I do consider myself godlike, but that’s due to my omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence, not the PhD.

It’s been my experience that anyone who puts phd in his email sig is an asshole.

That said, I have met many phd types who don’t put it in their email sigs and are very nice people.

In spite of their inherent disadvantages.

Giggle-worthy. You need at least 3-4 more PhDs, DScs, and habilitations before you can pull that off.

If you book the right flight. Took the family on a trip to Hawaii in early 2017, and Aloha Airlines fed us a meal in both directions.

I think they just aren’t excited to be teaching undergraduates in a lot of cases, or are trying to set boundaries versus a classroom of 300 people.

I noticed a drastic difference in professorial attitude between undergraduate and graduate school. In undergrad, they were usually somewhat aloof and tended to have strict rules, but in grad school they were much more congenial and open- there was a lot less of the authoritarian type stuff, and a lot more treatment as a colleague. I mean, our grad school profs went to lunch with us on occasion, which was something undergrad ones NEVER did.

I actually see nothing wrong with this statement. PhD was probably talking some snot-nose little punk basterd.

Heck, we go out for a beer with our students (mostly undergrads) after evening classes.

I’ve never “pulled rank” on students. If you have to, you’ve already lost their respect… and will only lose more if you say “Because I have a degree that you don’t!”

And, seriously! What sort of Doctor only treats philosophers? Isn’t that discrimination? Hell, are there enough philosophers… even sick ones… for one to make a living off treating sick people who use 20 words when 3 will do?

Buncha jackwipes, the lot of them!

You ever notice how white guys dance like this, but black dudes dance like this?

Ever notice how the black box survives a plane crash? Why don’t they make the whole plane out of it?