Ever Receive a Foil Swan?


I remember Al Forno in Providence used to do the foil swan thing.

From that Google Images link, I get the impression that there are foil swans that are actually used to store leftovers, and foil swans that are made to be artistic and look like actual swans, but that there’s little overlap between the two. I might have gotten “doggy bags” that looked like some of those, but it never would have occurred to me that they were “swans”.

This one here appears to be a legitimate “leftovers swan” which not only looks swan-esque but also incorporates a tray within it. Which answers my “How is this better than a take-out tray?” question.

My parents came home once from a Mom-and-Dad-only night out at some fancy-shmancy restaurant in Palm Springs with foil swans. I was SO jealous. I’d never seen anything so beautiful! (I was about 12 at the time.)

On a similar note, there used to be a steakhouse in Seal Beach (CA) that shaped the foil leftovers like a steer head with horns. Very cool. Easy to do, too, when your leftovers are just meat.

I think the chain “Lone Star” is still around, I just haven’t been since the one in SB closed.

I once received an Épée goose

…runs away…

I definitely have, but can’t remember where from (which worries me – manufactured memory?).

I would wager it was somewhere between age 10-17, on a vacation “out west” with my family (Colorado, California, Montana). We took a few such vacations around that time because I had sisters at colleges out west, and we tended to dine “upscale” at least once or twice each trip.

I vaguely recall not understanding why my leftovers came as a weird foil lump until my mother explained it was supposed to be a swan.

Yes, but not in a while. I don’t even remember where, I just remember laughing that I got a foil swan when I’d only seen them on TV.

I’ve probably made thousands. After college (early 90s) I worked at an expensive restaurant in Williamsburg, VA. Most customers seemed inordinately tickled to get their leftovers that way. I remember once a customer didn’t have any leftovers but was jealous of the swans he saw at other tables so I sent him home with an empty swan.

I know we used to make other animals sometimes if we were feeling whimsical. For some reason I was very fond of foil crabs. Maybe I used those for seafood?

I’ve gotten them several times. I’ve also tried making them myself a couple times but failed miserably.