Saran Wrap. Waxed Paper. Tin Foil. Chose Wisely....

So, what is the criteria here? When do you ABSOLUTELY use one over the other two? When is one a good substitute for another of the three. When are none a good choice, and you have to either throw out the small leftover portion or resort to Tupperware ™ and the ilk?

I sat there, having just hand-ground the annual chopped liver. Good old fashioned cast iron hand grinder, wooden handle, etc. etc. I pack it into a terrific copper mold I found at a garage sale for .50 cents. Now…do I carefully cover the open side of the mold with saran wrap, waxed paper…tin foil felt all wrong, I had these weird little alarms in my brain about chicken livers and tin foil.

I went with the waxed paper. What do you do in these situations?


Well, Mr. Liquid Morphine, I would have chosen saran wrap. It just feels more…flexible to me (and flexible is always good) and airtight.

I never use wax paper for anything but lining cake pans and cooling cookies. Maybe I’m missing a whole Waxed Paper World out there?

Foil is for cooking. Not for the refrigerator.

IMESHO, of course.

(Of course, I wouldn’t be doing anything with chicken livers in the first place, but that’s probably neither here nor there.)

I have to go with jazzmine on this one. Saran Wrap or any of the plastic wraps would work the best in this case. Foil would be my second choice because of it’s malleability. You definitely want to keep those livers airtight. Waxed paper is more of a liner type of thing. It’s really good for separating cheese slices and so forth or for rolling out cookie dough, but sucks pretty royally for sealing containers.

Agree. Saran Wrap is my wrapping of choice when I want something to stay fresh, but I’m concerned about a reaction with foil. I don’t know if chicken livers would react with foil, but the fact that I think it possible is enough to make me reach for the Saran Wrap (actually, the Glad Wrap… I don’t know if you can get Saran Wrap here but Glad seems to be the market leader on plastic clingfilm, and I think that’s what we’re talking about).

I use waxed paper for lining things and separating things; ditto on its non-sealing properties. Because of this, I specifically want wax paper for times when something shouldn’t be sealed - like covering a dish to be microwaved. (Anyway, tinfoil would spark and Saran Wrap would melt.)

I don’t see what’s wrong with using foil in the refrigerator; two things to remember are (1) it doesn’t seal perfectly; there are tiny pinpricks; and (2) the aluminum will probably react with anything acidic it comes in contact with. See this classic.

Saran Wrap.

Foil is for going over the saran wrap when something goes into the freezer. Or cooking.

Wax paper is for keeping the counter clean while measuring dry ingredients for cooking, or lining pans, or ill-advised craft projects - but not for refrigeration.

I use all three.

I make my Protective Hat out of foil, but I line the inside of it with wax paper so that it doesn’t stick to the scabs that I got from that electro-shock treatment on Thursday. A layer of plastic wrap on the outside makes for an all-weather hat. Well, for those days when I leave the house, that is.

I’m sorry, I must go now. They’re coming. Shhhhh!

Saran Wrap always gives me problems, but I prefer it. Aluminum Foil looks cool and is easy to use, but keeps me from seeing all the leftovers. Since “out of sight = out of mind,” this results in a whole lot of fury and heartbreak four weeks down the line when trying to identify that certain fragrance killing the flies in the kitchen…

I can’t, at the moment, think of any time in the past six months when I’ve even thought about using wax paper.

I went with a hybrid. After some thoughtful input ( heh ), I decided to LEAVE the layer of waxed paper in place. I’d used such care to put it there and as anyone who has ever prepped chopped liver knows, it’s rather gooey till it’s been chilled and has ‘set up’.

I left the waxed paper, and wrapped the entire mold in Plastic Cling Wrap from the Giant Eagle ( I can’t keep saying Saran Wrap when it’s not Saran Wrap. It’s just not fair. )

By 7p.m. today the chopped liver will have been consumed. Now to the really important question: Black olives or green olives on top of it???


Green, it will add that ever-so-important Holiday Flair. And you know you like to have Flair.

I think there may be some property of saran wrap or those plastic baggies that adversely affect food. When my mom first started making my school lunches she used baggies. By the time lunch rolled around and I would take out my bagel or sandwich, it smelled and tasted of plastic wrap. If she used wax paper, my lunch tasted like food - not plastic.

I’ll add my voice to GKW’s. I’ve use wax paper, and wax paper only, to wrap my lunch sandwiches.

Foil is for cooking – mostly in the toaster oven (anything I cook in the toaster oven pretty much always tastes better if you put a layer of tin foil under it).

Plastic wrap is for covering miscellaneous leftovers that go into the fridge.

Is saran wrap the same thing as cling film?

IMO, there is nothing cooler than having my sandwich wrapped in waxed paper. It’s so…retro! Mom even had a special way of folding down the top edges…ahhhh.

Taking a trip down memory lane

Oh, and yes, Francesca, Saran and GladWrap and both brands of plastic cling film

Sandwiches go in sandwich bags.

Things to be frozen go in foil or freezer bags.

Foil and plastic wrap can be used to cover leftovers, etc. If the food is acidic, you need to use plastic wrap, but otherwise, they’re interchangeable.

Anything put into the oven should be in foil

Wax paper is for lining, and for covering things in the microwave (which you don’t want a strong seal).

I use Tupper-maid for nearly everything and the occasional baggie for everything else. I do have a roll each of cling wrap, tin foil and wax paper, but they’ve so far lasted me around 5 years since I use them so infrequently. Mostly I use the foil to make veggie packets on the grill.

Waxed paper is the thing for microwaving corn on the cob. Aluminum foil is the only choice for a packet of diced Yukonpotatoes-bell peppers-onions-and-garlic on the grill.

Saran Wrap, according to the Fugs, makes a passable condom. I can’t imagine using foil or waxed paper for that.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the grilling applications of foil. Corn cobs get wrapped in foil with butter and soy sauce, onions and mushrooms go in foil packets too. Excellent point voguevixen.