Ever taken Flagyl?

What a drag it is getting old. :mad:

Back in December I had a toothache in the area of a fake tooth, which was weird. Dentist gave me a 2 week dose of some antibiotics that wiped out the toothache.

In late-January I started having bowel problems. I went and had some tests and they concluded that the antis the dentist gave me resulted in Clostridium Difficile and this can happen with what he gave me.

They put me on Flagyl that ended the diarrhea after 2 days. But man, I feel like hell on this stuff!

Light headed, dizzy, tired, lethargic. I forgot my daughters phone number this morning! I’ve been calling or receiving a call from it twice a week for a decade!
Good thing I’m off this week. No way could I effectively work feeling like this. Doc told me to tough it out for the remainder as the alternative can be worse.

And a bigger kick in the nuts, this stuff allegedly has the same effect as Antabuse, so I can’t even blow my brains out with a few drinks at the end of the day! I’ve got 3 more days on it and then have to wait 3 more days for it to leave my system before I can have so much as a beer

Anybody else ever been on this shit? What was your experience?

I was on the IV form of it in the hospital in early December. I felt fine, but maybe because I was on it for different reasons? (combination of allergies so it was one of the alternatives) Or maybe because I didn’t have to digest it?

My first husband had to take it after he had cellulitis and the host of antibiotics that went along with that.

I think it was the one that made his taste buds go all wonky. He hated it.

Was it a bitter metallic taste? Because even when I drink a glass of spring water that’s what I’ve been tasting all week.

I’ve never had a med screw me up this much. It sucks!

Yep-I always warn people about the metallic taste. I remember when my kitty was on it. They charged me $24 for an amount that would cost less than $3 for a human because it was flavored (chicken-flavored). FWIW, kitty didn’t like it much either, judging by the way he spit it out every time.

Out of curiosity, was it clindamycin that triggered the C-diff? I had to take that for a gum infection and I remember it was somewhat infamous for causing that–something like 10% of people got it afterwards. That antibiotic was from the depths of hell. I had an elaborately scheduled ritual of acidophilus, Kefir, and live-culture yogurt that I maintained for the whole course, plus piles of Saltines because the pills caused absolutely nuclear heartburn if I took it without food. And it was some ridiculous amount of pills, like 4x/day. I managed to avoid C-diff, but it felt vaguely like I was poisoning myself every time I took one.

Hope you feel better soon.

I was on clindamycin for an infected tooth a couple years ago, and all it did was give me a yeast infection. Never had to take metronidazole, but I’ve always heard it can be some nasty stuff.

Avoid cough syrup and mouthwash too while you’re on it.

That’s the stuff.

And for over 2 weeks I just thought I had the runs from some flu or something that was going around. Into week 3 I knew it had to be something else. I’m glad I went in. Eventually C-Diff can possible kill ya!:eek:

Honestly, I don’t remember exactly what the issue was, but boy was he cranky about it.

I hope you feel better and never have to be on Flagyl again!

Peace Corps volunteers, who often experience a startling range of gastrointestinal disorders, end up on it fairly often. I took it once for a spectacular case of giardiasis. I don’t recall it being particularly bad, but then again I had just been through a week of severe pain.

I’ve taken it several times in Africa, both for giardiasis and amoebic dysentery. It was highly effective with no side effects. DO NOT DRINK while on it, though.

Dreadful side effects, especially flushing and heartburn.

I don’t remember the other side effects, but I remember the horrible metallic, bitter taste in the mouth. I was given Flagyl once for a dental infection, but couldn’t stay on it because it made me feel so horrible.

Yes, I had to take it for months in the Cipro/Flagyl combination. I agree, it made everything taste bad, especially water! (I like water, but I dreaded drinking it while having to take Flagyl). How long will you have to take it? The side effects are worth it…because you don’t want c-diff to take hold.

Oh, nearly forgot to tell you…if you eat apple sauce before or after the dose…it seems to help.

Are the tablets uncoated and terrible tasting? Or is it just taking them by mouth in general making everything taste bad? If it’s the former, you could buy empty gel caps to put them in. They dissolve really quickly, and shouldn’t interfere with the tablets doing their thing in your stomach.