Ever watch a movie just because of its location

I watched Paratrooper last night because of the scenes in early '50s London and watched the first remake of Stagecoach with Bing Crosby, Red Buttons, Mike Connors and Ann-Margaret because of the Colorado High Country.

Bridges of Madison County, because the farm my mom grew up on and my uncle still farms is about 2 miles away from the bridge and house.

The Postman Always Rings Twice is quite fascinating, to see the Los Angeles area before it became so heavily urbanized. But the movie the got my attention was Elephant: I was watching it on Showtime, I think, and the setting looked kind of familiar, then I realized it was shot in the building that I went to high school in (which was built in 1969 and is now a field of grass due to hazardous materials used in its construction).

Yes, “Playing for Keeps”, a really cheesy 1986 movie shot in my husband’s home town. We watched it with his family, and ignored the plot totally as they said, “That’s So and So’s house” and “That’s our bank” and “Hey, I think that’s (neighbor) in the background.”

The Piano, because it took place in NZ.

The Bounty, because it was filmed on Mo’orea. (Although, technically, that was a re-watch. I had seen it when it first came out, but not because of the location.)

East of Eden, because it takes place partially in Monterey, but also because it was actually filmed in Mendocino. (Again, technically a re-watch.)


I’ve done this several times, usually because the location is familiar and I’m curious what I’ll recognize. The most recent example was Another Earth, filmed in and around New Haven, Connecticut.

The Naked City, because it was shot on location on the streets of New York in the late 40s, IIRC.

On The Town, ditto.

Vertigo, because it’s shot all over the bay area of California. Great shots of San Francisco and of San Juan Bautista.

Jour de Fete. It’s shot in the French countryside in the late 40s. In Provence, I believe.

Though I’d seen it before, I watched “On The Waterfront” again after I moved to Hoboken. I think the movie was shot entirely in Hoboken, so I tried to see the locations and how they looked back then.

It’s a great movie, so it was no chore to watch again. I was kind of amused about the ending though. It gives the impression that all of the corruption ended when Brando’s character walked into the work area. Hoboken has remained an incredibly corrupt town, though it has recently started to get cleaned up. It still has a ways to go, though.

Hmmph, I guess I was mistaken/misinformed. It was demolished due to being overrun with toxic black mold and an excess of radon. It was Portland Oregon, black mold can be a real bitch to control around there.

Sideways is filmed near my hometown. It’s not a great movie but it’s fun to see the countryside.

I will watch nearly any movie that takes place and was filmed in 70s Los Angeles. It’s my favorite era of the city.

Some Like It Hot because of the Hotel Del Coronado. My Blue Heaven also had some scenes from San Diego, but I can’t remember if that’s the only reason I saw it.

Also, Pretty Maids All In A Row, because it was filmed at my high school. If possible, the movie was even worse than either going high school or living in Los Angeles, but luckily it was much easier to shut off.

I’ll rewatch, on occasion, parts of two science-fiction movies that had disappointing screenplays, because the location shooting is so interesting: 2009’s Push (Hong Kong) and 2011’s The Darkest Hour (Moscow).

No, not yet at least. I’ve been tempted to watch Legally Blonde 2 (at least on fast-forward) just because parts of it were filmed here in Springfield, and I might recognize some of the locals who appeared as extras; but it’s not a movie I’d watch otherwise.

I watched one of the worst films of the decade, “Eat, Pray, Wretch” simply because of the Italian and Indian locations. I should have been smarter and shut off the sound.

I do plan to see The Place Beyond the Pines the next time I see it. Also, I did watch Synecdoche, New York partly for the location, though there were only a couple of shots that were supposed to be Schenectady.

I always liked the city shots of Chicago in The Fugitive.

The movie “The Searchers” had almost no appeal for me, except for the incredible Western scenery.

There’s a cheesy 1960s movie called “The Satan Bug” that is totally uninteresting except it has some really weird desert locales.

The 1980s “Cat People” remake had sexy, sexy Nastassia Kinski in it, but the other appeal was the New Orleans locales. Ok, there was also the Giorgio Moroder score. So … prolly not applicable.

There are many films I’ve watched because the location it’s shot in, so as to visit like a tourist in lieu of actually travelling there. Unfortunately I just can’t at the moment bring any of their titles to mind. Very frustrating.
The only one that does come to mind is a very 1980’s movie called The Legend of Billie Jean, because it was filmed in my hometown.