Hey, That's My Old House! Movies filmed in places you've lived

Little Man Tate wasn’t Jodie Foster’s biggest hit, but I always get a kick out of the scene in Harry Connick Jr.'s apartment. I used to lived in that apartment building, it’s called the Roanoke (aka The Roachanoke) and is located on Ludlow Street in Cincinnati.

My old apartment (first place I moved to after leaving home) was up on the third floor, I can see my front door if I don’t blink.

Anybody else?

Both Weird Al Yankovic’s UHF and Francis Ford Coppola’s The Outsiders had scenes shot at this apartment house, where I once lived.

The final scene from *Se7en *was shot near my current home, as is a section from the upcoming Land of the Lost (I’ve got photos on the other computer of the set built out there). The final fight scene in *Lethal Weapon 3 *was shot at a housing development next to where I lived that went unfinished during the recession in the 90s. The boarded up and empty homes were set on fire for that scene.

I lived in Springfield, Massachusetts, the setting for the movie “The Reincarnation of Peter Proud.”

The neighborhood where I grew up in Buffalo, Kensington, is a place that … uh, has seen much better days. It’s a big reason why my parents moved out in 1992.

The “seen better days” status was confirmed on one episode of COPS, where my childhood block was filmed from the front seat of a speeding police cruiser. Didn’t see my house, but they came damn close before cutting away.

I live in L.A. so I’m used to spotting things I recognize in movies. For example if I went out on my back deck right now I could enjoy a beautiful view of Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard.

Probably my favorite moment like that is in the old **Batman ** movie from the 1960’s. Early in the movie Batman and Robin are flying over “Gotham City” in the Batcopter and you can clearly see that it’s actually Westwood (the neighborhood south of UCLA). A lot of the buildings on Wiltshire are still standing and it’s really fun to pick out familiar spots I drive past every day.

A lot of movies got filmed at the Astoria studios, just blocks from the house I grew up in. My little brother got Harrison Ford’s autograph when he was shooting “Presumed Innocent” there. So, I’ve seen local scenery in a lot of movies and TV shows.

But the one I relate to most was the opening footage from “Archie Bunker’s Place.” I used to eat hot dogs at the Steinway Coffee Shop all the time, and there it was in every week’s opening credits.

“Logan’s Run” used the Fort Worth Water Gardens as the background for one sequence.

The doctor’s receptionist desk in Field of Dreams was actually the reception desk of the insurance company where my grandma worked at the time.

This classic of cheesy B horror flicks was shot at my highschool. It pretty well disrupted everything for a few weeks, but my English teacher got an IMDB entry out of the deal. The kid who starred in the movie was a real brat.

I was a student at Indiana U when Breaking Away was filmed there.

Due to the (very Greek) IU Student Foundation’s heavy involvement in promoting the making of the movie, the producer had a hell of a time getting (non-Greek) students to work as extras - to essentially just come sit in the stands and cheer for the race. So all the crowd scenes are of the same section of the stands - the rest of the stadium was empty. As it turned out, of course, the movie ended up making the Greeks looking ridiculous. I wish we’d known… we could have used the bucks.

The swimming scenes at the rock quarry were also weird - we weren’t used to seeing students there who had clothes on. :rolleyes:

When I lived in Minneapolois, I lived around the corner from the house that was the exterior location for the old Mary Tyler Moore Show. But it wasn’t an apartment, it was in reality a single-family home. And the lake she walked around was Lake of the Isles, which I walked around (or across) to get to school every day. “You’re gonna make it after all!”


My train station (which I live about 200 feet from) was in 2 movies, Falling in Love (1984, w/De Niro & Steep) and Unfaithful (2002, w/Gere & Diane Lane), although I think it mostly ended up on the cutting room floor in the latter.

One of my college roommates is from Woodstock, IL - where “Groundhog Day” was filmed. Years later it’s still a big thing there - you can walk around the downtown square and see clippings in store windows, etc.

Whenever a bunch of us watched that movie he’d keep saying “I know that house! There’s my barber shop!” and we’d swat him with pillows until he quieted down.

Good times. He’s the town dentist now. Cool dude.

Does the drum and bugle corps I was in being in a movie count.

The Pioneer museum in my home town was the setting for 2 movies - My Antonia and Sarah, Plain and Tall.

My dad was one of the train workers in Sarah, Plain and Tall and the book was signed by Christopher Walken and Glenn Close. Unfortunately, my ex tore the book up in one of his violent tantrums =(

Ahhh, I spent many weekends at the museum and I loved riding on the steam train! Last time I went back I dont think the train was working anymore. That was my favorite part of the museum.

Back in the late 70s early 80s General Hospital filmed the exterior of a house my family built in teh late 1800s and lived in until the late 60s, it was the haunted house [? I never watched the soap, or any other soap but so I have been told. That is sort of shy I am shady on the actual year, I found out about it a couple years ago, and really don’t remember what year she said she saw it in.]

The Brinks Job (1978) has a very short scene that was filmed in Stoneham, MA, where I grew up. For a long time there the town square had a lot of WWII-era architecture, including an old style police box in the middle of the intersection, so it was used for some outdoor shots.

Most of the old buildings were torn down (the police box was destroyed by a drunk driver), but eventually people realized how awful '70s/'80s style architecture was and now the town square’s been fully restored.

We live in the town where Animal House was filmed.

Beautiful Girls had a few scenes shot around the block from my old house. It was interesting to try to live in the neighborhood while they were doing that.