Ever wondered what your favorite artists specify in their riders? Take a look now!

An Australian friend of mine gave me this link a few days ago. I didn’t do anything with it until this morning, when the boards were being slow. Then, I discovered it was a great way to pass the time! This is what he said when he gave it to me:

I wasn’t about to disagree with that! :smiley:

You’ve all heard about those wacky riders that artists tack on to their performing contracts (and expect the promoter to meet all clauses), right? Documents that specify exactly what kind of water, beer, cigarettes, fruit, food, etc. should be given to the artist before they perform for the masses? Well, this site has a fair number of them. I’ve looked through some of them, and they’re pretty nutty!

I quote from the site:

So if you’re interested, check out:

The Smoking Gun: Backstage Pass

Snoop Dogg wants a PlayStation (VERY IMPORTANT). Why am I not surprised?

Ah, being catered to at your every whim…

I like Van Halen’s brown M&M clause-which was actually very common sense:


Well, the Red Hot Chili Peppers want a whole bunch of tube socks… gee, I really wonder what they’re going to do with them…

Guin, I think This is Spinal Tap took a riff off the “Van Halen’s brown M&Ms” thing… I’m not too sure, but I can ask my brother! :slight_smile: