Every Thread You Make.

** Every Thread You Make.**
Sung to the tune of: Every Breath You Take (With apologies to the group The Police.)

ahem ~ 1-2-3-4 ~
Every thread you make,
And every post opaque,
Every rule you break, every name you fake,
Mods are watching you.

Every single day,
And every board survey,
Every game you play, every old cliché,
Mods are watching you.

Oh, can’t you seeeeeeeeeee,
Lynn Bodiniiiiiiiiiiiiii,
Is up nights awake,
Fixing your mistakes.

Every dull thread wake,
And every hand you shake,
Every smiley you fake, for goodness sake,
Mods are watching you.

My thread is gone, it’s lost without a trace,
Administration called it a big disgrace,
I look around, but it’s in another place,
It’s way too slow, and I long for server space,
I keep crying maybe, maybe, pleeeeeeeeze?

Oh, can’t you seeeeeeeee?
The code is vBeeeeeee.
How my poor eyes ache,
With every code mistake.

Every thread you make,
May be a Mod headache.
So please don’t break, the rules they make,
Mods are watching you.
Every rule you break, every name you fake,
Mods are watching you.
Mods are watching you.
(repeat & fade)

Thanks you’ve been a great audience.

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If I was the burst out laughing type, I would have burst out laughing. :slight_smile:

Heh. I can so see sting singing this, but this snippet cracks me up.

Woo. I gotta stop laughing. Gonna wake everybody.

big mod is watching you… :smiley:

That will be the number one in the charts for months to come!


I AM… and I DID!

That was great. Anyone have a karaoke machine around here?

There you go again, smug. :slight_smile:

Smug, you gotta start doing this for a living. I’m serious.

TWO Os! One I! Not the other way around! I’m thinking of making this my sig…

Lynn (NOT Lynne) Bodoni (NOT Bodini!)

smug, I need a picture of you.

I need something I can hang over my bed and kiss goodnight every night, just like I used to kiss my poster of Shaun Cassidy.

Sigh. I love genius. :smiley:

Lynn, surely you know by now we misspell your name on purpose. That way, we can say all sorts of things about you, but if you do a search for “Bodoni” you won’t come up with anything. :smiley:

smug, this made me giggle helplessly for a very long time. :slight_smile:
Which is bad, cuz I’ve got to keep up my macho image, or rather what macho image I have left, or…screw it, that’s one funny parody. giggles some more :smiley:

[bubbles]Thank you, smug, for that lovely number![/bubbles]
Seriously, that was the best thing I’ve read all day!:smiley:
But this:

made me laugh even harder for some reason.
(Probably because I am a victim of frequent misspellings/mispronunciations of my name.)

Sorry Lynn. It’s kind of ironic that I screw up the part of the song that deals with you fixing poster mistakes. :wink:

Awwwww - Thanks Perse. Here’s a pic of me relaxing at home. Just for you.

Rilchiam - Thanks, but as far as I know, there aren’t too many openings for a SDMB Silly Song Writer
Besides, I don’t want to lose my amateur status. :slight_smile:

SilverFire - … and again and again and again… Now I have this song stuck in my head, and I have to write another one to replace it. It’s a vicious cycle.

Silly Rabbit - Wooooo Hoooooo a groupie!!!
sniff I’m touched. You always remember your first groupie… :wink:

**Dodgy, Corvus, Cumber, silent_rob, ** - I am glad you liked it. Even if only one line in the whole song makes ya crack a smirk, it’s worth it for me.

Crunchy & Dichotomous – Ummmmm – Yeah! – I meant to do that! That’s it!

Again, thanks everybody. I know I have WAY more fun writing them, then you people have reading them.
But then I’m easily amused. :smiley:

So, smug, has Puff Daddy contacted you yet about doing a rap rendition?

Too cool, smug!

rap huh?

Rap music is an intricate blend of musical and linguistic talents by very gifted and highly trained artists.

Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! :smiley:

Gimme an hour… I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks **Cajun Man** :)

Persephone - You don’t like my picture?

Sorry smugster, I just don’t get online on Mondays until late.

As for the pic…ooh la la! Sweet dreams are made of that, for sure! :smiley: