Everybody duck - New guy practicing

Hi. My regular message board went on hiatus for about two weeks. Things got too nasty and they put us all in timeout! I wasn’t one of the main instigators, but it made for some good reading. Thought this was a good chance to check out some other ones.

So why is this thing telling me that the website is not responding; then posts the message anyway? Twice?

Either you clicked “submit” twice, or you’ve fallen victim to a bit of server weirdness which has happened around here recently, Phax. Welcome to the SDMB, BTW.

Yes, I submitted twice; but only because I didn’t think the first one worked because it said the website wasn’t responding, etc, etc, etc,…

There are a number of ways to try safeguarding against that happening. If nothing seems to happen after clicking “submit”, go back and preview your post again (for posting in an existing thread) or open a new window, and check to see if your thread is showing up in SDMB.

I try both of these. Still got caught out a few times, mind, but it might help.

Forgot to add: 99.98% of the time, clicking “submit” means your post has gone through.

Thanks. This is similar to the one I was using, but just different enough to keep me off-balance. I’ll figure this thing out though.

I locked off the duplicate thread for you.

Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Boards, Phax, and keeping you off balance is one of the things we do best.

Where’s the duck? Your subject line promises everybody a duck! That’s false advertising.

Maybe Phax was only warning ducks that he was practicing. While I have the highest of regard for Why a Duck, Duckster, and Duck Duck Goose, and the other waterfowl of their ilk, I think that it’s egregious discrimination to only warn them! :wink:

I heard this post twice - apparently ducks’ DO echo!

This was just my special way of saying that I’ve landed here; something that ducks don’t always do gracefully.

Okay. Phax has passed the first test. Do you think he is ready for the BIG test? (You know, the one that leaves so many people upset and crying.) I think he is very ready…

Lay it on me.

You’re not doing bad so far, no belly flops I can see. Hope you hang around here longer than that two weeks hiatus, Phax.

I’ll probably stay around. This board is bigger than the one I was on - it has more features to it and it’s a lot more interesting. It got to the point that the same 6 to 8 people were doing most of the posting, mainly so they could back-stab each other. Everyone else was leaving.

Well, you get groups of people who know each other, go to th’ Dopefests, etc. – but the sheer size of the active membership here stops what you’ve just described. I know what you mean, though.

I’m curious to see what they come up with when the message board comes back online. Probably lots of new rules. Thanks for the welcome, Ice Wolf.

Zoe - I’m ready for the big test. I’m a big boy, I think I can take it.

And Shade - I loved your comment - just can’t think of a single clever thing to say in response.

It’s after midnight here, so I’m outta here.

Wow! You wouldn’t believe the number of threads we get about how we need all kinds of new features, and how the Admins are evil punishists for turning the one off that they have.

My favourite feature was the old fortune-telling button. But I can’t find the thread about it, and it never worked right, anyway. I hope that thread wasn’t lost in the Winter of our Missed Content.

Note, the ‘fortune-telling button’ was actually the ‘Preview Reply’ button on the new thread page, now called ‘preview post’. A while ago somebody started a thread about how the button wasn’t allowing him to preview replies to threads he started, and how it would be a great feature.