Everybody gets to link to cute pet pics...

but me!

so now it’s my turn…
well, I might as well do it. I want everyone to see my pup!

This is her!

and this was when she was smaller, and I still had my other dog…here

and one of my favorites…

toots and em!

So now that you’ve seen my pup, how bout I see pics of other doper-dogs? or kitties, or ground-hogs, or chickens, or (dare-I-say-it) doper goats?


Milford is an Australian Silky Terrior X Something Else. Don’t let the pictures fool you, he can be spotted up and about off the bed at times.


(Pictures are moderately large, 1200 x 900 pixels and a little under 1MB each, do not click if you have a particularly slow connection.)

This is my guy.

He’s a three year old Border Collie/Kelpie/Labrador X, called Buzz

Other side

and a close up

The usual pet pics.

madhatter, I love the coloring on your guy’s face. He looks like a cartoon dog that just smoked an exploding cigar. :slight_smile:

Here is my grand-doggie Persephone as a puppy. (My step-daughter lives right next door to us so we get to see her alot)

She’s pretty much grown up now and is just as sweet as sugar!!

HelloKitty, I can’t access your pics. Are your photo albums public?

Here is Maya, our 60 lb lab/border collie mix, crammed into a box in our closet.

Here is my grumpy old bitch, Stacy. She’s 14 years old and doesn’t like anyone who’s not family. She’s not overtly hostile or anything - she’ll just walk away.

And here is Zoe. RIP little kitty.

I love my furry babies so much I’m alwasy down for animal pics :slight_smile:

Oreo pt 1

Oreo pt. 2


Kitty pt. 2

and finally, my dog that got loose and ran away…Twix Please ignore his huge balls :smiley:

Scooter! There is also a squirrel somewhere in the bunch. Notice the glowing red eyes on a couple of the Scooter pics and the squirrel. Perhaps the woods are possessed!