Pet Pictures Thread (SFW I Hope!!!)

Here’s Betsy. I inherited her from my sister when she had her sprog. Betsy isn’t a fan of sprogs.

Havoc en repose

Pixel sees you

Max thanks me for taking him off the street to give him food and water and snuggles and laser tag.


Alfie. Now 20% fluffier!

Scooter A.K.A. Stinker McGee, Mr. Furrypants, Babykittybubbaboy, lil buddy.


He’s actually normally a lot cuter than that, but for some reason he never sits still in front of a camera. That’s only the second picture ever taken of him and he’s 12 now (in people years). His nose is a lot stubbier than it appears in the picture and his ears usually stand up like this.

I’ll say this… if you want to pick up chicks, you need a miniature American Eskimo. A Spitz or Samoyed will do in a pinch.

The Three Little Pigs

Though so far the only houses they’ve tried to construct have been simple piles of hay. Good thing there’s no Big Bad Wolf around.

Diego helping me put the groceries away. Serafina helping me clean house.

Wow, Glory, Diego is beautiful.

My two - they’re still kitties, but are getting bigger. I need some new photos.
Calvin and Hobbes. This was taken the day we brought them home. I’m positive Hobbes was thinking, “Where am I? What happened to my mom and all my other brothers and sisters?” He looked so sad the first few days.
And one more of each: Sitting pretty and navigating the steps.

Gryphon enjoys taking over recently vacated chairs, noming on things and ankle tapping you as you walk down the hallway :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello everyone, thought you might like to see some of ours.

Rosie the rabbit, lots of personality (ie. she plays up all the time):

Jackie the rat, a lovely playful chap:

Ted, Mr Pink and Jackie, great friends:

Our two dogs, Ethel and India. Ethel is on the left, India is on the right. This picture is one of the rare moments when they are both sleeping. They usually work their crazy in shifts, but a long day of chasing squirrels in the back yard tired them both out.

Since I had these put up for the poop thread and just saw this thread as well, pictures of our Jardine’s parrot Murphy and Another one.

Heddo Pudding! Heddo puddy tat! Meow! Meow meow meow! Izchu have a good day, puddy tat? Huh? You do lots of kitty bidness?

Nim and the octopus.

Nailo getting her closeup.

Our little gentleman Kezzy who passed away in October.

This is Emily, who we adopted this past Saturday. She’s still wary of everything in her new home, but we hope that improves soon.

And this is Snowy We adopted him last December. He seems to have some Border Collie in him because he loves to bark at your feet. He’s been wonderful ever since we got him.

I don’t get it…where’s the cat? All I see is a black-and-white checked bla…ooh! I see it, you have to cross your eyes a bit :wink:

Here’s my Dolly

Kitty subduing the rogue string warrior.

All tuckered out.