Everybody Love's Raymond, Ray's Work Question

I watch the show off and on so I don’t know a lot of the details, but here’s a question. I know Ray works as a sportswriter for a daily newspaper on Long Island.

Is he suppose to write an everyday ordinary type newspaper column? Or is he suppose to cover sports with a humorous slant to it? And is he covering all sports or sports devoted to local Long Island type teams.

I guess I’m a bit confused as, OK you can see a character like *the Odd Couple’s *Oscar Madison a sportswriter in New York, but it showed him actually writing columns, going to sports events, being in the box while the games were on. But here it seems like Ray covers sports by sitting on the couch with his brother and father.

Maybe it’s just poor writing or typical TV sitcom not portraying the job correctly. But then again, I don’t watch the show enough to know if Ray is supposed to be a “hardcore” sports writer along the lines of Oscar Madison, or does he write a column that covers sports with a comedy angle. Which would explain Ray’s ability to make jokes.

Nine full seasons reveal nothing more than…

Ray is the main title character of Everybody Loves Raymond. The sitcom revolves around him.

Living in Lynbrook on Long Island, Ray is a sports columnist for the local newspaper Newsday. He lives with his wife Debra and three kids, daughter Ally and twin boys Michael and Geoffrey. His parents Frank and Marie, as well as his brother Robert, live directly across the street.

Ray is basically a lazy husband and a wuss, and his nasally, whiny voice adds to the comedy of it. He’s afraid to stand up to his parents, and sometimes his own wife.

Yes, he writes “an everyday ordinary type newspaper column” for Newsday. His column may contain some humor, but it isn’t primarily humorous. He does go to actual games of all sports, not just the big Long Island ones. He also gets to go to some out-of-town games. In addition to going to work every day, he also writes from his home office in the basement.

I believe he worked from the office in the earlier shows and worked from home in the later shows. The turning point being when his wife found out that he had the option to work from home (and maybe help ot around there a bit more) but chose not to as he’d rather be at the office with his mates eating pizza and joking around. :smiley:

Maybe that was just in the one episode though.

There were a couple of early episodes that focused on his office life and working relationships, but once they did the work-from-home episode, that was pretty much the end of his job having much to do with the show.

They are always referring to Ray’s “sports column”. I would think a straight sports column would be a whole lot easier for him to write than another kind of newspaper column. Unless he has a brilliant sharp witty intellectual side we aren’t privy to. And if I were Ray, NO WAY would I cave in and work from home. With that family in my face 24/7, I would head for the blessed relief of work at an office with work buddies, pizza, and be thankful for it.