Everybody makes fun of NJ for being awful. What does NJ have that's the best you can get anywhere?

Surely there must be something?

They have some good diners. Also Six Flags.

The Governor’s a hoot - and that’s not a dig, I like him.

There’s a reason it’s called The Garden State. There are beautiful stretches of green rolling hills and trees and farms and pretty pretty. *Most *of New Jersey is green, actually, only punctuated by a few unfortunately smelly cities.

The stromboli at Stuff Yer Face on the boardwalk remain the best stomboli I’ve ever had. Don’t know if they’re still around, though. (Google says there’s one at Rutgers now, but I don’t know if it’s related to the one in Long Branch I enjoyed as a kid.)

There’s also Grounds for Sculpture, which my brother and I accidentally found one grey rainy day in the off season, and it was about as freaky cool spooky as the crew of Serenity wandering around Miranda. I bet it’s pretty neat when you’re not the only living souls in existence, too.

Diners. Specifically, Tops in East Newark.

Portuguese restaurants.

Angry fat white guys who talk with their hands.

Towns. I swear, there are towns everywhere, with funny names. Brick. East Orange. Milburn. North Brunswick. Linden. West New York. Rahway. Hoboken. All of them different, with their own stories and lore.

According to all the true crime lit I’ve read: hit men.

In the summer, Jersey is prime habitat for a magnificent variety of Guidos and Juiceheads.

Boardwalks. Which other state has Boardwalks by the Ocean? In Massachusetts and California and Virginia they don’t. I think they might have one at Coney Island, and maybe elsewhere in Long Island. But Asbury Park (now finally starting to rise again), Point Pleasant, Seaside Heights, Ocean City, Atlantic City, and Wilwood there are Boardwalks by the ocean.

And for that matter the Jersey Shore – the real shore, by the ocean. New Jersey actually has an astonishing amount of coastline and inland waterway. It’s warmer and more inviting than Masachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine beaches – it still has benefit of the Gulf Stream (which most of New England, outside of Cape Cod and the Islands, doesn’t)
If you get off the Route 1/I-95 megaroute cutting the state in half there are some gorgeous hills and farms. as WhyNot says, it’s the Garden State. Sadly, a lot of the woodland and farm country near where i grew up has been eaten up by warehouses and plazas in the past two decades.
A lot of Colonial history, especially Revolutionary War history – Monmouth Battlefield, Allaire State Pasrk, Batsto, Rockingham, Nassau Hall at Princeton and the older buildings at Rurgers. New Brunswick Old Town.

The Northwest corner has Delaware water Gap, Stokkes State Forest, High Point, and a piece of the Appalachian Trail.

The Pine Barrens are pretty awesome. Lot’s of great memories camping and canoeing there.

Diners are the obvious choice. Must be open 24 hours. Brooklawn Diner is my favorite. It’s a couple of towns south of Camden.

Lots of great boardwalks as well. Ocean City and Wildwood are hard to beat. And the beaches are nice, too.

MA has boardwalks. Sandwich and Salsbury come to mind.

Pizza. Easy access to NYC. Some truly lovely public parks.

Great schools:


Cheap gas, and they pump it for you!

Emphasis on the fun names bit. Ho-ho-kus. Tenafly. Ramapo. Paramus. Hackensack. Passaic. Mahwah. Teaneck. Cheesequake.

God, help me, I like him too. And I do not agree with his politics. I think the moment I realized he was different is when he supported a Muslim judge, and the conservatives got all pissed off about it and worried this Muslim judge would reinstate Sharia Law. He stood in front of a packed press room and, said - and I quote - ‘‘This Sharia Law business is just crap.’’

If only he could be so enlightened about gay marriage.

There is a real mob presence here. A teacher we know taught the daughter of a mobster at her elementary school. The little girl said her Dad was in jail. When asked why, she put her hands on her hips, rolled her eyes and huffed, ‘‘Because he won’t stop killing people.’’

Oh, I almost forgot my contribution - health care. I’ve been really impressed by the health care. And I really, really like the insurance that comes with being an employee of the state.

Don’t they have one of those fancy universities there?

Ugly views from the Interstate highway.

I like their accents.

This would take me hours…

Have you ever been to the top of an elephant named Lucy?

Have you ever tubed down the Delaware?

Ever eaten at The Walpack Inn, where deer walk up to the big picture window by your table while you are eating?

Ever visit Lambert Castle or Kipps Castle?

Ever eaten at Highlawn Pavilion at Eagle Rock Reservation? (Get an east side window seat, after sunset. You’re welcome. ;))

Ever been to the bridge that was the inspiration for “Its A Wonderful Life”?

Ever slept on a Battleship?

Ever gone fishing & passed two rock star’s houses/estates on the way to the sea?

Ever kissed a girl on LBI?

Ever seen an air-show at Maguire?

Ever driven on a road that could get you 5 years in federal prison just for making the wrong left turn (and you’ll never know why)?

Ever walk across the GWB?

Ever blow out your suspension on the cobblestones & take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty?

Ever look at the spinning “A” from terminal “C”?

Ever take the free tour at the spinning “A”, drink a beer, and lok back at terminal “C”?

Ever hike in the Watchung Mountains and feel that it was really spooky, but you don’t know why?

Ever bike across a bridge to PA, hang a left, & shop at New Hope?

Ever seen lightning arc across the bay in Wildwood on a hot summer night?

Ever lift the tail of a horse-shoe crab & see its claws wriggle?

Ever sail on a ship with a placard that reads, “In case of nuclear war, this ship may be comandeered”?

Ever eaten dirty water dogs at the grease trucks at Branchbrook park? Or cheese steaks from the trucks on College Ave in New Brunswick?

Taylor. Ham. Egg. and Cheese.

Ever have blueberry champagne at a vineyard outside of AC?

Monmouth Race Track. Just. Plain. Cool. :wink:

Raceway Park Flea Market

Curly’s Fries
Honorable mentions of Yesteryear:

Flemmington Fair

Ed Zaberer’s

Union Jack’s (always bet on Rock & Roll. Always. :wink: )

Rt 1 Flea Market “No, honey, I don’t know whose grave that is. No, I have no idea why its in the middle of a parking lot…” :eek: :smiley:

Beefsteak tomatoes fresh off the farm (or out of the garden if you have such skills) in the summertime. Just slice 'em thick and put a little salt on them. I’ve yet to find tomatoes as good as Jersey tomatoes.