You know you're hardcore Jersey when you get these...

Found this fun list on It has nothing to do with me, but I was surfing and googling and I found the site and then found his list. Here is an excerpt of it. Please Comment and add your own.


I love these. My friends and family love emailing me things like this to remind me of my traitor status. :wink:

The only thing I can add is that pork roll is a staple.

That’s me, although we did go “to the Shore” and were “at the Shore”.
I’ll add that, despite al the ridicule people heap onn it, you do know what exit you’re from.

And, What Exit?, lest you forget - when you actually live within a mile of it, it is still THE BEACH! Down the shore just shows off that you’re not local.

Additions that I’d like to see:

You rue all Bennies, even when you are one.
You know where the Sandy Hook parking is for the nude beach.
You believe civilization stops at 195 (this works in both directions).
You say you’re from Central Jersey, but people south of you say it’s more like North Jersey, but the people up north say it’s South Jersey.
You call community college 13th Grade.
You can’t afford to buy a home in the same town you grew up in.
You instantly know the nearest “Good” mexican restaurant, pizza place, and italian ice (water ice) place in the immediate area. Even if you’ve only been there for about 20 minutes. Of course, none are as good as the shops in YOUR town.

When people say “The City” you know what they mean

If someone says “I’m from New York City” they are lying.

You can negotiate your way around a circle.

Funny thing about WaWa. I’ve never been east of Columbus, at least not in the U.S., but there happened to be a WaWa travel mug knocking around our house. I had no idea what WaWa meant until I saw it mentioned in the New Yorker. My stepdaughter was going to school in NYC at the time and she must have brought it back with her on a visit.

You call Newark “Nork.”

You insist there is no such thing as “road rage.”

You are equally pissed off by thoughtless people as by outright rude ones. Maybe more so.

At least one person in your family not only loves Springsteen, but believes Springsteen controls his life.

You secretly consider New Yorkers rubes.

You pronounce the state capital “Trent’n”

You know the state capital is Trent’n.

Those are some great ones. The Bennies and Central Jersey ones are especially true for me. You mean Brookdale wasn’t 13th grade? :confused: :wink:
Beware of Doug I love the New Yorkers as rubes, but partly jealousy there for me.
I am definitely more pissed off by the thoughtless than the rude. I understand rude and harried.


Don’t forget Boon’n and Whar’n in Morris County :smiley:

You would never say boGAta, and you know how to pronounce Moonachie (21 Jump St once had a character say “I lived in New Jersey all my life. We started out in MOONach–ie.”

You’ve been away too long. Or else you would know that we call it Taylor Ham. :stuck_out_tongue:

You make fun of people who call their sons Trenton. Or Camden.

If you’re ‘from Jersey’…

You know that 90% of the cops in Seaside all summer will be teaching gym at the HS come September.

You know that everyone south of 908 is a ‘piney’, everyone north of 908 is a ‘benny’ and everyone in 908 is confused. And 732? Hell, they’re all just summer rentals and will be gone come October.

You know that 287 is meant to punish the Morris county rich who haven’t died and gone to hell yet.

You know that we sold the Garden State Arts Center name to PNC so Whitman could balance one year’s budget.

You know why Christie-Todd Whitman drove in a snow plow during winter storms.
(her broom was snowed in at her farm-subsidied estate mansion.)

You know that Ocean City is Philly-West from May to August and that LBI isn’t a dead president from Texas.

You know that while the rest point fingers at ‘down the shore’, there’s a reason why license plates from Quebec and Ontario head straight there every single year.

You know that ‘Middletown’ is just another word for ‘Speedtrap’.

You know that up until a few years ago, the only place to get ‘blue-berry champagne’ was just outside of AC.

You’ll have wondered, “New Gretna !? What the hell ever happened to the Old Gretna…?”

You’ll know why there’s a line outside of ‘Delicious Orchards’ on Rt 34 before every Thanksgiving.

You’ll know that Brooke Shields, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Jack Nicholson, Christina Ricci, Kirsten Dunst, Tom Cruise, Whitney Houston, John Bonjovi, Anne Hathaway, Laura Prepon, Thomas Edison, Woodrow Wilson, and Grover Cleveland couldn’t possibly have lived/grown up here.

You’ll know that The Battle of Monmouth was the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

You’ll know what number to bet at ‘Union Jacks’ to win a CD.

You’ll know if there’s a submarine parked in Hackensack or not.

You’ll know that Gitmo detainees should instead be sentenced to merge endlessly from Rt 17 to Rt 4.

You’ll know that the best way to stop fights at Veterans Stadium would have been by 16-inch shells from the USS New Jersey.

And Jets tickets vs Giants tickets: You’d know which you could bring your kids to and which you should bring a bat to.

None of them. From far away it looks like you have a fighting chance, but up close, you realize there’s a bazillion little divisions. And each one costs a buck to play.

Might as well play the stand a couple of places down the boards. At least you have a fighting chance of winning a Marshmallow Shooter (this year’s knockoff prize).


I managed the bakery dept. of American Harvest in E. Brunswick for a few years immediately after it first opened, and helped form the dept./recipes/store/etc. We’d get a pretty hefty line every single Thanksgiving and Easter (and I got very little sleep the days and nights leading up to them.) The line would form an hour before we even opened (and there would usually be another line across the street at the Hess station on Thanksgiving for trucks.)

I think our two main competitors were Delicious Orchards and Mendoker’s (which I grew up on, every Sunday after church we’d stop in Mendoker’s.) The number one thing customers would tell me was that our items (pies, specifically) were better than Delicious Orchards. It made me glow every time.
If you’ve never had one of the Volcano Apple Pies hot out of the oven, you are truly missing out. I make sure to go in and say hi and get myself a pie whenever I go back.

OK, I thought of another one.

You know you’re from Jersey if your parents have ever threatened to ship you off to Marlboro.

Well, OK, at least mine did. :wink:

Hint: they’re reversed.

D_Odds - native NYer, who not-so-secretly considers NJers ‘small town hicks’ :cool:

Yes, but compared to the City, everywhere but Chicago is a small town.

psycat90: I have had pies from all 3 and I would go with Delicious Orchards. It is also the best place I know in Central Jersey for Cheese and Fruits.

Count Blucher: Funny list, it is a shame the Middletown one is 100% true and not a joke. Why on earth did you leave Kevin Smith off your list?


I’ll throw this in here, in case anyone missed it:
Jersey Area Dopers: Dopefest on Saturday the 16th of September

Speaking of –

You know exactly where the Quick Stop, Ice Palace and Secret Stash are located, and you know damn well that the mall in Mallrats is nowhere near Jersey.

Bonus: You know which is Popeye’s favorite Jersey town.