Everybody say Hi! to my friend Atreyu!!!

I’m glad to run into another fan of the book. I first read it as an assignment in the 6th grade (which would have been around the time the movie came out). I was amazed by it then, and still re-read the book about once a year now. I figure I’ve read it at least thirty times, and I always see a new angle or a new insight in the story every time I read it. Great stuff. When my nephew is old enough, I’m gonna buy that book for him, and if I have to, I’ll read the whole thing aloud to him. He hasn’t been born yet (the due date was last Sunday), so I’ll have to wait quite a few years.

Too bad the first movie only covered the first half of the book. In my opinion, the second half of the book is more interesting, and it’s a shame that it has never really been done as a movie.

The book is so long and complex that a 2-hour movie wouldn’t be enough. They need to do with it what they did with Dune, which was to forget trying to adapt it as a cinematic movie, and just make it as a mini-series. I doubt that will ever happen, though. The second half is even darker than the first.

A friend of mine recently pointed out to me that at the Internet Movie Database, there’s news that they are filming a TV series adaptation of the book in Canada. Don’t know if it’s a limited run or not.

By the way, welcome to the madhouse. You can find your complimentary straitjacket in the lobby. :slight_smile:

Welcome Morgain. Abandon all hope, ye who have entered into the SDMB. We like new people unless they’re jerks, but you certainly haven’t exhibited any jerk-like tendencies, so we like you.

By the way, you’re in charge of the folding chairs and decorations. Sorry to spring this on you so close to the weekend, but that’s the way it goes.

Wow. That was probably one of the most confusing welcome threads I have ever read. (Just leave it to Deiket…)

Anyhoo, welcom, Morgain. I’m going to tell you what I tell every new person on the boards. I am the most well-liked, respected poster on the entire board, and everybody here worships the ground I walk on. You should take after me in every way possible, so that you can learn from me.

I am also going to tell you the OTHER thing that I tell all newcomers: that I tend to lie alot about how much people like me. :wink:


May I break the trend? :stuck_out_tongue:


Too bad the first movie only covered the first half of the book. In my opinion, the second half of the book is more interesting, and it’s a shame that it has never really been done as a movie.

There have been four movies, non of which have really done th ebook credit, but the first movie caught it erll

I think I like the first half of the book better though… but I’m partial to atreyu so you know…

I read it aloud to one of the kids I baby sit for, a chapter ever time i sit for her… although it’s really a chapter and a half.


caught it well, proof read sarah Morgain proof read


Hi **Morgrain{/b]. Have a peep.:slight_smile: I’m a little obsessed tonight, don’t mind me.

BTW, have you read the Bernard Cornwell Arthur trilogy?

Arrgh…too much sugar to code.

Well, a friend of a friend of Jester is a friend of mine.

But the enemy of an enemy of Jester is still my enemy…

Sorry. Been reading too much WWII history tonight. Welcome to the board Morgain!

My G-d, is this ever going to die? I guess I shouldn’t be talking, I do have the bumper sticker…

I’ve seen the first two. I never saw the second one in the theater, since I was warned that it was vile. It wasn’t until many years after its release when I ran across it starting on a local channel. The first forty minutes was all I could take before quitting on it. A freakin’ travesty.

I’ve never bothered with the third, since the reviews of that were even more poisonous than the ones for the second…I wasn’t even aware that there was even a fourth. I doubt it is much of an improvement from the other sequels.

[Technically, this is a hijack, but because this thread is so fractally weird, I figured no one would mind.]

There’s a bumper sticker with this phrase? Man, I thought it was mainly a creature of the Internet. Where did you get it?

It’s not actually a bumper sticker, but a liscense plate frame. When I posted last night, I was too damned lazy to spell liscence.

Anyway, I found it here when I typed it into Lycos. I live in such a small, isolated town that only about three people get the joke.

Do I sense a Weird Earl’s nomination here?

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile: