Everybody say Hi! to my friend Atreyu!!!

Yay! I got someone to register! (I feel special!)

Everyone come in and welcome her (and be nice!)

Bar’s open in the lounge, all drinks are on me. Oh, and I’m renting the house, so feel free to bring whatever and trahs the place. I used a fake name <grin>

YAY!!! Welcome to the SDMB, Atreyu!

Welcome to the Board Atreyu, the only place where crazy, sex deprived people meet :).

Welcome to the Boards, Atreyu. If you’re going to try and leave, do it now, it’s highly addictive and you’ll never get away if you wait. See you around.

Your screen name’s from The Neverending Story, right?


(seconding pipefitter’s assertation, and living proof of Tommy the Cat’s statement)

Now, you go and make me look like a right fool in fronta all these people? Tsk tsk.

Atreyu has found that her login name will not work. Go figure. So, my welcome thread is a bit… wrong. Her new board name is MorgainLaFey. And she will NOT leave.

I finally got someone to not only LISTEN when I talk about the board, but actually sign up. She’s going to like it here, I know it.

Oh, and Tommy, her name WAS from The Neverending Story. Her favorite book. She’s read it about sixty times…

Ok! So, just pretend I’ve been saying “MorgainLaFey” instead of “Atreyu”, k? Thanks!

King Arthur and Neverending story…if I ever meet her I think I’ll like her…

Welcome aboard and don’t mind my spelling…

Welcome MorgainLaFey, just because you changed your name, doesn’t name doesn’t stop what we said…and btw, we need vital statistics on you before you can post.:wink:

Bad me…should have previewed:

This “doesn’t name doesn’t stop what we said” should have been “doesn’t mean it doesn’t stop what we said”



What are vital stitistics?

I got it to work. I couldn’t in school, and i got mad at the computer and was late to two different calsses. But it works now :slight_smile:

so hi! I’m Morgain

Oh! and thank you Medea’s Child (I think that’s who said “Kind Arthur and The Neverevnding Story” I think I’m going to like her). I hope you do :slight_smile:

Man, are we going to feel bad if her name happens to actually be Aeyu. It’s a nice name, though.

Welcome to the board, where ignorance goes to die.

Man, I’ve frelled up twice today. I swear I’m not just trying to raise my post count. That obviously should have read Atreyu

[ Finally I arrived at one of these before the guest of honor.]

Hope you like it here. We’ll be looking for you.

Hi Morgain, and welcome to the Straight Dope :slight_smile:

(Don’t worry - we only bite when it’s appropriate ;))

Welcome, Morgain!

I hope you enjoy your stay, and that it is LLLOOOONNNNGGG one!


Hello :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Funny Farm.

If you need anything, just ask. But don’t ask Medea, she’s weird :wink:

:::: running away, ducking :::::



Here’s the person with the screen name of Atreyu. Man, was I confused when I found this thread while hunting through MPSIMS.

This is not my original screen name, either. The original one was Shy Ghost, and I recently changed it to something that doesn’t have an anti-social ring to it.

I’m male, not female. Real name is Scott. Apologies to MorgainLaFey for grabbing a screen name that I thought would have been taken long ago when I started using it. Hope you don’t hold it against me.

Well… that was slightly confusing.

Welcome Morgain. Have fun. :slight_smile:

<fregined inignation> You took my name!!!
No reallyit’s cool, Atreyu is like, my faveroite character in the whole frellin’ world, and I adore him and would marry him… if he were real…
Morgain is tied with him




slink, slink, slink…