Do not take your screen name from a popular book or movie.

I have been using Muad’Dib for a few years and it is starting to screw with my head. Everytime I see someone talking about Dune, or read the books myself, I feel like they are talking about me.:eek:

Must go back to being Kleebner.:eek:

Too late…

Howdy pilgrim!

Same with my name…

Must also preview!!! (lousy second eek)

I had just assumed you were frightened by your name… :slight_smile:

No. It is weird, I honestly think of “Muad’Dib” as my name as much as I do Ryan. I wonder if this is healthy?


I am the duke and I like 69 so my name is john_wayne_-69


[sub]At least I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thread devoted to The Neverending Story on the SDMB yet.[/sub]

Okay, so the reference will probably go right over my head, but I have to know… from whence did you take your name? I seem to recall reading a thread recently where it was listed as being from sci-fi or fantasy… but I don’t get it. [sub]Then again, seeing as I don’t read much sci-fi or fantasy… I’m not surprised[/sub]
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Must… use… previrew… more… often…

(and remember the “60-seconds-in-between-posts” rule, while I’m at it…)

I’m not Speaker for the Dead, but given the chance that he’s asleep right now, I hope he doesn’t mind my answering for him.

Besides, I’m a big fan of the author as well.

The name comes from a book by Orson Scott Card called…Speaker for the Dead. It’s the sequel to Ender’s Game, and like the first book, it won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Science Fiction Novel, a relatively unusual occurrence.

As much as I like Ender’s Game, I happen to think that Speaker for the Dead was an even better book.

I was going to “me too” this thread but then I saw you wrote popular books or movies. Not a lot of us Winsor McCay fans around.

Paging Holden Caulfied. :slight_smile:

How do you think I feel? People keep wanting to push me out the window.

But Eutychus, you don’t have to worry. Peter will bring you back to life.

I’ve dropped into the SDMB now and again over an extended period of time, and I recognize the clever and interesting “handles” of many of the members here. I imagine that they are like a second name after a while. So, would that make changing it an emotionally difficult thing for you to do?

Done it.

Is that where your name comes from yojimbo? I always thought your name was Jim and that your college roomates nicknamed you Jimbo and, when they wanted your attention they’d say “Yo, Jimbo!”
You would not believe the imaginary lives some Dopers live in my mind. I once started a thread about it, but I think it may have been lost during The Time of No Dope.