origin of your handle

I’m just curious why people picked the handle they did. I used to be StormHawk, which was the name of a Star Destroyer in Timothy Zahn’s books set after Return of the Jedi. Once I made the move from BBSes to the Internet at large, I discovered that Stormhawk was a somewhat common handle (who knew?), so I came up with the funky spelling. I’ve occasionally been chatted at in German, but I don’t know any.

Just t’ let ya know, sturmhauke (very cool name, BTW!) – your topic’s been done recently in this thread.

I was trying to be cool, like Coldfire. :rolleyes:

Made mine out of leftover Scrabble letters.

I took my heritage and my IRL name and sort of “smooshed” them together.

SPOOFE: Self Proclaimed Overlord of Earth. Came up with the title as a joke in my Speech class. Still use it to this day.

Bo Diddly: Randomly added it when an online survey asked for “First, Middle, and Last Names”. Not so familiar with the musician, just liked the name. Am aware that it’s misspelled, don’t give a fuck.

And Euty… since when are there numbers in Scrabble?

Navel Depth

Kids In The Hall skit with the guys comparing their abdominal appendages. I used to be fit,then I got fat and all my friends started calling me Gut. That was 1992. Then I got fit again and they still called me Gut. I have been Gut ever since no matter how fit or fat I am.

For a while my full title was StormHawk Archmagius, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, but I mostly used that at my Geek Club meetings in high school. I wasn’t the president though, and besides there were only 3 of us. I think we decided that I was a deposed Supreme Ruler or something. I still have an official Geek Club notepad that I made in printing class.

Just something i heard this one kid say in the 7th grade. I guess i found it really funny for some reason.

I had wanted to get closer to the sun. So, I made these wings for myself out of bird feathers and wax. When I flew up to the sun, the wax melted and I fell back to earth.

Figuratively speaking…

If you’ve not read Ender’s Game, then you wouldn’t really understand.

I’m a stripper.

Not really, but wouldn’t it have been funny? Moebius the stripper?

Moebius… I’m laughing, I swear… but it would be odd… you would undo the underwear, and start to pull it off, and it would just keep pulling, and it would end up back on, and then slide down, and then slide up and… never mind.

Tristan is my SCA name, or, more appropriatly, Tristan ap Llewellyn, Head of House Wintermark and loyal vassal of the Prince of Cynagua, West Kingdom, Plank owner of the Company of St. Joseph.

But everyone just calls me Tristan. And it stuck. Now folks call me Tristan almost more than my real name… odd.

Sue Duhnym = pseudonym

Just slur Sue Duhnym all together.

Sue!! Don’t TELL people!!

There just s’pose to figure it out suddenly after several months of posting and then think they must just be morons for not noticing all this time… ahhh… like the rest of us did… :wink:

originally posted by Whammo
There just s’pose to figure it out suddenly after several months of posting and then think they must just be morons for not noticing all this time… ahhh… like the rest of us did…:wink:
LOL Whammo I read Sue’s post and thought “aahhhh, duh!” Then read yours and felt much better :smiley:
My name is my son’s name spelt backwards, interesting stuff, ok not really :wink:

Oops sorry forgot to put {/quoute}(after using preview four times!) now I feel stupid all over again! :o

Well, I’m just a silly anime creature… and… uh… that’s it… WOO!

me? Nothing impressive: sorry! Astro (because I’m an amateur astronomer), boy (because I’m WAY male), and 14 (because I tried “astroboy” several times on battelnet… and “astroboy14” was the first one that went through… I went from “Astroboy” to “Astroboy 5” the hard way, then just started randomly selecting numbers…)

Not too exciting…

But…but I’m so misunderstood!

Okay I’ll keep it to myself, just for you baby.