Everyone in this lab is crazy! (pics, nudity, and haikus included)

All right. This is it, everyone I work with is apparently nuts.

Every work place has it’s community calendar. You know, the one that someone brings in because they have an extra. Well there are a couple of them here in my lab that various techs have brought. One of them, among four or five, is an artsy one with glitter featuring the art of Gustav Klimt. Of all the months so far July has been by far the most interesting. Would you like to know why?

Because of this. (Sorry for the bad photo quality, camera phone)

What does that white piece of paper have written on it? “DO NOT LIFT UP”

Why does it say that? Because look at whats under it! :eek:

All right. Nutters right?

So me, being the sarcastic silly guy I am, havehung up this on the wall next to the calendar. What’s underneath you ask? What horrible thing could I be trying to censor from the eyes of all my helpless coworkers? How about THIS!

In the end what it comes down to, is the lesson from my daily haiku. (Yes I actually do write a daily haiku for everyone. I call them nuts but in real life I think everyone thinks I’m crazy there.)

Holy Jesus that’s pathetic. Kudos for not accepting such stupidity.

Well done! I salute you on the use of your clever wit in the fight against ignorance. After all… its art.

In college, I had a friend who was an art student, who took, of course, figure drawing.

One of the assignments she had up on the wall above her bed was a nude male figure, and since it was a body drawing, it stopped at the neck. Above its shoulders, she put a large, yellow post-it note with a two dots and a curve smiley face.

Her boyfriend objected to having the figure’s, um, anatomical detail staring at him, so to speak, so she took a small, yellow post-it note, drew a similar smiley face and posted it over the crotch at the same angle as the big post-it.

This made the lovely scene of a beautifully-drawn figure with a big, yellow smiley face head staring out at you and another smaller, yellow smiley face head staring out at you from down there.

Do not lift this up!


Er… Wubba?

I was thinking that you’d have some amusing stories about mutant lab creatures. Or people cackling madly in the middle of conversations.
This isn’t crazy. It’s just lame.
Talk about false advertising! Ya boob!

Just to clarify, the person(s) who put up the original note were not the ones “offended” by the boob. They were sort of making fun of the certain people who’s monocles DID pop out at the sight. So I am sort of mocking their teasing, with more teasing.

Shoulda snuck a picture of Goatse under there, that’d give them something to :eek: about.

You should sneak in one night cover the whole picture with post-its, and remove the one with the boobie.

Hooray for Boobies!

I know I’m going to open myself up for a bashing here, but I have to pose a question.

Is it just me? Or has anyone else noticed that the people most vocally opposed to nudity are the ones you don’t want to see nude?

Note that I didn’t say everyone fit this observation, just a lot of the ones that make the biggest fuss. YMMV

I believe that when it comes to covering boobies, a pos-tit should be used instead of a post-it.

Let’s try to keep abreast of things, people.

That’s what I thought, because it sounds like something I would have done. :slight_smile:

From my experience, a SANE person is rare in a lab. “We’re all here because we not all there” sort of comradery.

When I worked in leukemia research, I bled mice on a very regular basis. No one got the joke when I called myself “Mouse-feratu.” :frowning:

Sorry, but Carlin got there first:*Didja ever notice that most of the women who are against abortion are women you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place? There’s such balance in nature.*Stranger

You bled mice? How did those fit in your veins?

Ok, now I have this image stuck in my head, only with more mouselike features. Thanks.