Everything I hate about chainmail bikini art summed up in one comic

Penny-Arcade can be hit or miss but they’re bang on here in their critisism of the new Prince of Persia game, and really any fantasy whatever where the female characters feel compelled to fight in nothing but leather underwear.

“Canaries will go in first. Accidents will happen, and men will die.”
That’s funny stuff. :d


I’m looking through the archive now but am not seeing anything near as funny though.

Most of their humor is time sensitive. It also requires a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the video game industry. In other words, if you’re not a hardcore gamer, there is little humor to derive. However, even as one who meets these prerequisites, their comics are still very hit or miss. Most of the time, I enjoy the artwork more than the punchline itself, but just when I’m losing interest in PA they’ll unleash some of the funniest strips I’ve ever seen.

It goes beyond fantasy. The female character in Resident Evil 3 dressed was dressed up like the whore of Babylon. She’s suppose to be a law enforcement officer but I don’t imagine she’d be working undercover during a zombie crisis.


At least Blizzard had the sense to give their Sorceress some sleeves. No pants, though. Exhibitionist freaks.

Anyway, go easy on game companies. Most gamers see more skin in their playtime than they ever will in their whole life. Don’t deprive them of that. The sex offsets the violence, you see. Did you see any titties in Doom? Me neither. And it wasn’t Duke Nukem that got blamed for Columbine. Think on that.