Eve's Mom's Sciatica

Eve, how is your mom’s sciatica? How did they treat it? My friend’s is acting up. Any new drugs out there?

That’s why I was out of touch for awhile . . . She was in terrible pain; couldn’t keep food or medications down. So I hauled myself down to Phila. on the 18th (the day after the blizzard, like Eliza crossin’ the ice!) and spent the week taking Mom to doctors, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, etc. I am not cut out to be a nurse . . . I only snapped once, which I guess isn’t bad. We finally got a painkiller she can take and I got her eating again—I call her three times a day to make sure she’s eating and taking her pills. She’s very discouraged, as she’s been in pain for more than two weeks and is getting Cabin Fever . . . Her rheumatologist says, “it always gets better, but it takes time.”

My hippie sister is trying to get her to go to a chiropractor, but Mom has more sense than that—even if you believed in chiropractors, the last thing a pinched nerve needs is to be pummeled by some idiot. Plus, Mom has osteoporosis, and a chiropracter would break her in half like a twig.

Now I’m back at work and find out I have to take those seven days as unpaid leave, or lose my vacation days! Bastards.

Does your friend have chronic sciatica or a pinched sciatic nerve? For the latter, all you can do is stay as still as you can—not immobile, but take it easy. Take painkillers and anti-inflammatories and, if it helps, a heating pad. Really not much you can do but give it time to heal . . .

She’s had it to varying degrees for years. She went to a specialist called a Naprapath (or something) who helped some, but she’s never been “right” again. I’m assuming it isn’t a pinched nerve, but more of a chronic inflammation of some sort.

Sorry to hear she’s slow to mend. Here’s to pharmaceuticals! Take 'em if ya got 'em!

. . . and the ones she couldn’t take, I took home with me!

Well, if they’re too much for you, just drop 'em in an envelope and send them off to me. Mmmmmmm…pain killers…kind of makes me wish I had something wrong with me!!!

Probably a “neuropathy,” Kalhoun.

One thing my physical therapist insisted I do to control my sciatica is exercises to strenghten my lower back and abdomen. The muscles in your lower back and abdomen become fatigued or strained and swell, pinching the sciatic nerve…viola’, you’ve got sciatica. If you keep the muscles strong and toned not only will you look great in a bathing suit, but your sciatica greatly improves. You may suggest that your friend get a referal to a PT and learn some easy exercises.