Evil dentist caught on video:

Watch him end his career on local news!
One order of Asshat Supreme, coming up!
Bonus-- Dr. Joyce Brothers needs to retire. Yeow.

“Evil dentist” is redundant, but it that just goes to show that the evil can leave with them when they leave the office. It’s a good thing he was taken into custody though. I’d hate to be the patient(s) suffering his ministrations after that alteration.

As for Dr. Brothers, they cut that interview short. They left off the part at the end where she said “BRAAAAAAAAINS” and started gnawing on the reporter’s head.

“Dr. Moody.” Ha. Love it.

BTW, this is far from a career-ender for a savvy urban professional.

No, I don’t think that’s what happened. I think it’s more likely she flipped her skirt over her head and said, “Okay, now how about a little of the old ‘in and out’ like you promised me?” :eek: :eek: :eek:

From New York State Education Department,
Office of the Professions,
Summaries of Regents Actions on Professional Misconduct and Discipline:


Dude’s a jerk.
And probably hosed come Monday morning.
And Dr. Joyce is on the phone right now-- “Send more cops… more paramedics… more braaains!”

I thought she was going to start doing the Time Warp.

Thank All that she’s not going to flash her nipple through that hole in her PJ’s.

At first I thought this was the story about a local dentist who has been in the news lately.

Woodland dentist pleads not quilty to sexual battery charges

Rothschild is the dentist’s attorney.

My guilty pleasure? The good dentist is the father in a Mormon family of something like 6 kids.

I think this discussion has already led us to an appropriate and suitably horrifying punishment for Dr. Moody’s outrageous behavior.

I admit, I was horribly traumatized by both my dentist and orthodontist’s lack of empathy back when I was a kid. I now have horrible teeth and a true phobia. I have on several occasions simply white-knuckle outlasted a broken, rotted tooth and exposed nerve. Somewhere in my head, a week or so of pain and a rotten mouth are better than going to the dentist. Really.

Are there any Doper Dentists? I doubt it. Fucking sadists and control freaks, every one.

Unfortunately, this is one thing you and I have in common. Except replace “phobia” with “self-loathing.” I was born with crooked incisors (well, that’s how they came in when I got my adult teeth, anyway) due to a crowded mouth, and my dad could never afford braces. Thus, I grew to hate my teeth (though this wasn’t nearly my only emotional problem growing up) and somewhere in my own screwed up head I concluded that they weren’t worth taking care of; a thought process no doubt spawned from a deeper seated wish that they’d just all fall out. Once I grew out of my self-loathing phase (which did take quite a number of years) it was already too late. Naturally, I know understand what a dumbass I was.

I’ve thus become intimately acquainted with the likes of Anbesol, Dequadin, and 222s/AC&C tablets.

Make him have sex with Dr. Joyce Brothers? Do they still have cruel and unusual punishment objections on the books in the US?

Touch his breasts? Eat his brains? Make him go to a dentist?

Mindfield, exactly. Next time I have US$2000 I’m not using, I’m going a few miles south and having 'em all pulled and replaced with things that won’t hurt. I will have to plan things, as there’s no way I’m gonna do it sober.
Again, any doper dentists?

Ya know, any and all breast touching would probably take the edge off of an office visit. Oh, wait, that’s if my new dentist’s name fits bettter around a stripper pole than in my dirt-paved back yard.

$2k? Is that all it costs down there? That wouldn’t even buy me a partial here in Canada.

Is there something I don’t know about Dr. Joyce Brothers? What’s with the “brains” and sex comments? Did she play a sex-fiend zombie in a movie or something?

No, but in the news clip linked in the OP she looks like she’s about to do that. There’s definitely something a bit “off” in her behaviour. One minute she’s normal acting, and the next, she’s batting her eyes at the reporter, while talking with this creepy voice. She also appears to have had one dozen too many face lifts.

I’d like to thank Darth Nader for this thread. I’m British and had never previously seen Kristine Johnson, the news anchor featured in the video clip. I seldom if ever watch news programmes, but if Kristine were presenting the news, I’m sure I would develop a zealous interest in news and current affairs.

Several years ago I had to go to a workmans comp hearing. The judge was Dr Joyce Brothers’ sister. No idea why you would need to know that but there you go.

What, a typo like that and no Nabokov jokes yet? I’m disappointed in you people.