Evil Dictator or Sitcom Character?

I was pretty amazed by this. It correctly guessed Jack Tripper from Three’s Company, Josef Stalin, and Phoebe from Friends, but was unable to guess Nokolai Cuczescu ( I have no idea how to spell that ). It appears to build it’s own database from being stumped. You’ll have to check it out to see what I mean.

I’d submit it to Weird Earl’s but I can’t find the link to do that.

That’s eerie. It got Evita Peron sans perspiration.

Color me weirded…

Been there, done that.


Try using the search function.

OK I’ll try. Sometimes I have trouble when mashing my rudimentary fucking stumps into the keyboard. I guess since you " been there and done that " then there’s no reason to expect anyone else would want to.

It took a bit for it to guess that I was Harry Stone from “Night Court,” but it was much faster when I came back with Chris from “Northern Exposure.”

Well, considering that the other thread went over 80 posts (probably over 10x that in views) and only died 6 days ago, probably not many.

And stop dragging your knuckles, you’re getting blood all over. :slight_smile:

Sorry for being abrupt.

Did Andre the Giant pop out of his festering grave and rape you with his 2 foot long meat shank straight into your ass, you fuck?!

People like you piss me off. When nice regs give a newbie a break and give him some advice, you should be thankful and take it, you big waste of cum and juices!

Sweet baby God on a bike wearing flip flops and curlers, man! Get off the horse already, it’s been ridden to death. If your feeble mind cannot grasp the fact that someone was trying to be considerate, then take it to the Pit where 1,000,000 posters will be up your ass.

Welcome to the boards,
I’m Merc.

I called you a newbie because of your low post count.
Excuse me that pissed you off.
The rest should have made you think.

Well, I’m glad you posted this because I missed the first thread.

I checked the first thread and did what Uke suggested – answer the questions with myself as the subject matter. It fingered me as Oscar from the “Odd Couple.” Heh heh heh. I could have been the guy from “Everybody Loves Raymond” when it asked me the question, “Does everybody love you?” but I decided to be honest. It got me as Oscar when I answered affirmatively to the question, “Are you a slob?”

Mercutio, I was abrupt and not gentle. I apologized.

YOU went overboard and you are the LAST person that should be calling someone with a registration date a FULL YEAR before yours a newbie.

Apologize to the Reg.

::pouts:: [sub]I’m sorry[/sub]

I feel like such a bitch.
But if I am Sue’s bitch… :smiley:

I’m Sorry!

That was supposed to be a pout.

Trust me baby, you don’t wanna be my bitch…I’d eat you for breakfast and pick my teeth with your vertibrae.