Evil dictators and sitcoms ( silly fun game)

This is fun, although it gets very smug when it wins, which, sadly, it seems to do a lot. I’m getting sneakier though.:slight_smile: You get to be either an evil dictator or a sitcom character, and it has to guess who you are by asking questions.

It got Android 18 but it didn’t get Beavis. Go figure.

I was one of 18 people to pick Mr. Ferly from ‘Three’s Company’. It got me pretty easily.

Yes, it’s good at winning. :slight_smile: I was really surprised that it had heard of “Father Ted” (Irish sitcom), although it was fun to find that Margaret Thatcher is an evil dictator. BTW, when I’ve played it, it often asks “do you live in Chacago?” so I find myself wondering pointlessly what is this world-famous (to everyone but me) sitcom set in Chicago? Or, indeed, evil dictator of Chicago?

Oprah, obviously. :smiley:

I beat it again with Nightcawler from X-Men.

I got Lois from “Malcolm In The Middle.”

What does that mean? I’ve never watched it.

Pointless trivia…I think “Family Matters” (think Urkel) and the one with Bronson Pinchot as Cousin Balki were both set in Chicago. I have no idea why I know that.

Ok, duh.
I didn’t read the directions the first time, and answered as myself. Still, Lois from “Malcolm In The Middle” ?

well, it got ALF, and I had to guess at some of the answers! (I never really watched the show.)

I’ll keep trying.

It says if you aren’t sure about an answer, then put NO.

Hey, answering it as yourself makes for a pretty nifty variant game: “What Sitcom Character or Dictator Am I Most Like?”

It said I was Steven Keaton from FAMILY TIES. I’ve never watched it. Is that a good thing? Is it better than being Mussolini?

Ukulele Ike Yes! That could be a fun way to do it. Or perhaps a worrying way. :slight_smile:

It did not guess Fred Mertz from “I Love Lucy” (how’d it miss that one?) and did not guess Algonquin J. Calhoun from “Amos and Andy”.

I picked Lewis from Drew Carey, and had it guessing for about a good 10 minutes.

I’m impressed. It also guessed Evie Garland from Out of this world correctly. I didn’t think it was that detailed.

Apparently I’m most like Meathead from All in the Family, although I suspect that’s largely based on my having a blond wife.

This is a nifty little game! Loved the Oprah answer, but I think what it was trying to find out was if you were one of the characters from Bob Newhart.

Huh, I’m beginning to see what my problem is here - I haven’t heard of most of these characters (except Beavis and “I Love Lucy”) that you are all being, and Kinsey, thanks for the Chicago explanation. Interestingly, you all seem to be sitcom characters: I must be the only one to have been a dictator or two. And it guessed each time, dammit. I don’t feel very clever now, tho’ I did win with a couple of deliberately obscure Britcoms.

I pretended to be Pol Pot and it guessed:
“Are you pots from Cambodia?” So I guess that’s counted as a win for it, but barely.

Or Steve Urkell (sp?), who was born in Chicago.

Evidently, I’m Richard from “Friends”.

First time with a Dictator I kept it thinking…

Second Time I stumped it with Larry Almada from The Drew Carey Show. It thought I was Jefferson D’Arcy from Married with Children

…It’s pure genius!..It then asks the user for the question that would differentiate who you were from who it incorrectly guesssed…This must be one monster Database.

Afterwards it gives a nice concillatory (although vaguely menacing) statement: