Evil Pepsi Girl vs. Evil Mazda "zoom zoom" kid

I was reading the hated commercial thread and thought I’d take a poll. Which one of these two bizzaro evil children do you loathe more? I can’t stand that little “zoom zoom” kid… every time I see that commercial I scream. And the Pepsi girl absolutely intrigues me… I know no one that can stand her… (I drink Coke now just to help get her away from me…) But Pepsi must think she works… But I think she looks evil and possessed…

So let’s have it, dopers… which one would you like to feed to a croc?

I actually like the “zoom zoom” kid. But then I’m partial to little boys. :slight_smile:

What if twenty years down the line, the zoom kid and the Pepsi girl had a kid? Would it be Satan or something?

Sorry, i like 'em both. One of the advantages of watching TV for maybe 2 hours a week, you only see these adds a dozen times or so each week.

Oh, but I love ze little Zoom Zoom. (Pepsi girl is just a girl to me, not memorable, much less evil)

[hijack]Does any remember Mason Reese from some old fast food commercials in the '70’s? Now that was an annoying kid.[/hijack]

The Pepsi Child, with her dancing and posing and dimpling and her lacy little socks and her high-fructose-syrupy simpering smile is a million times more annoying than the Zoom-zoom kid, who just leans toward the camera and whispers, “Zoom zoom.” I can see how that might be a wee bit annoying, but you’re comparing this to the trollish little Pespsi Child bleating “Buh buh buh buh buh” every time you turn on the television set?

I was rooting for Big Tobacco to off her in The Insider.

Hallie Kate Eisenberg A.K.A. the Pepsi Girl was in the movie Bicentennial Man, and if you have seen that Movie you know that she grows up to be very good looking (see Embeth Davidtz).
So, the answer is the Zoom Zoom kid is an idiot and the Pepsi girl is stupid for drinking Pepsi. A 7 year old girl should be drinking juice! or snorti… I mean drinking Coke

What about that kid dressed all in white in the Bank of America ads? With his oh-so-wise voice over… creeps me out as much as either the Pepsi Girl or Zoom-Zoom.
Random thought - I often think of Jon Benet Ramsey when I see Pepsi Girl, or the original Welch’s girl (the new one[s] aren’t as bad).

I don’t like either one of them. The “Zoom Zoom” Kid’s only saving grace is that he’s only on the screen for about 2 seconds. I’ve gotta deal with the sight of that girl for at least 30.

I kinda like those Mazda commericals with the “zoom zoom” kid. He really looks harmless.

The Pepsi girl…the commercials were tolerable when she was co-starring with that guy who was supposed to be her grandpa, but when she started teeming up with various music celebrities…ICK. The Pepsi girl/KISS commercial has been the absolute worst one.

She is the most evil thing on the planet.

And the comercials?!?!?!
Let you kids drink Pepsi and they will become so addicted to it they will turn into Joe Peci and threaten viloence?!?!

That makes me want the product.

Yeah, me too. :smiley:

[sub]It’s a joke people[/sub]

Seriously though, that pepsi girl has got to go. Although she made a perfect little evil Helen Keller in the remake of The Miracle Worker. (When she throws tantrums and stuff)

how can you people NOT hate that little whispering freak?

I’m always reminded of a cross between the “Boys from Brazil” (remember the one that speculated that the 3rd reich were trying to ‘create’ another little Hitler?) and the “I see Dead People” kid. ‘looks harmless’ indeed!

::sitting over in the corner whimpering::

The Welch’s juice girl. Hands down.

I can top either of them. The scary little “Welches’ Grape-Juice”-urchin. An undead version of the Pepsi girl, with a giant head. And she sort-of lisps.


Be afraid. Be very afraid!


The zoom zoom kid is crocodile chow, but only if we can toss whoever wrote that damn “song” into the croc pit as well.

“Yaw zoom zoom zoom. Yaw zoom zoom … Oh my god! Get it off me! Oh jeez, are those my intestines?!? Aaaaarrrghhhh!”

Heh heh heh.

(Actually, I think the Pepsi girl is intrinsically more annoying than the zoom zoom boy, but those Mazda commercials seem to be on at least ten times more often, at least on the channels I watch.)

Up here in good old Rochester, NY we have Regal Cinemas as one of the local movie theatre chains. Now just about every theatre chain has their own little “opening” that they run at the beginning of every movie. This is the part where they tell you to not smoke and where the exits are blah blah blah. Well about 6 months ago Regal started running a new opening starring… you guessed it… the fucking Pepsi girl! So now every time I want to go see a movie I have to sit through a 2 minute western adventure with the Pepsi girl playing a big bad cowboy with the voice of some scruffy old man. It irritates me so badly that I’m almost willing to drive 20 minutes to the next closest theatre chain just to avoid the damn opening! Oh the humanity of it all!

Yeah. And in the Mazda commercials, the focus is mainly on the cars. The Pepsi commercials focus primarily on the evil child. I refuse to watch “Renaissance Man” simply because of her presence in it. I also refuse to drink Pepsi products.


In Kansas City we have our own little commercial child. It’s commercials for the Kansas City cardiac center at the North Kansas City Hospital. The commercial starts out with a little boy named Charlie (who looks like Harry Potter, except he had light brown hair) who’s making a valentine out of construction paper at his desk (he’s probably 10 or 11 years old). The teacher in the front of the room says, “Charlie, time’s up…” for he’s the only one in the room and the class is over. Charlie goes up to her desk with the valentine behind him and then shows her the valentine, which is a replica of a human heart. She beams at him, all surprised. He points to a blue streak and says, “This is the left ventricle.” then looks at the camera and smiles. The last shot shows him and the teacher walking down the hallway. And there’s this song in the background, an Oldies song, but I’m not sure of the name of it (any Kansas City Dopers who have seen this commercial know of the song?). But the weird thing is, that Charlie looks like a kid I would find revolting, like the Welsh juice girl. But I think he’s so adorable, the way he smiles proudly (and not snooty, either) at the camera. It must be because he looks like Harry Potter. He’s also featured on the screens at the movie theater before the movie starts (where they have trivia and advertisements).