Stupid Commercials

Hugh Manatee makes me want to ask everybody what commercial sets their teeth on edge .
Some of those things are so stupid that I have to change the channel to avoid the “cold chills of embarrassment”…
Like- the new “Dell Boy” – WAY too many shots of him with that “DUH” look on his face. OR cereal commercials where the kids condescend on the stupid adults.Ugh.

Zoom Zoom, Thud, Splat, Scream

Those new Arby’s commercials with Tom Arnold doing the voice of the oven mitt. I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW MUCH I HATE THESE COMMERCIALS.

Shouldn’t it be “Scream, Thud, Splat”? It’s kinda hard to scream after you go splat.

The Jolly Rancher Breakdancers commercial is pretty stupid.

I dislike any commercial featuring people rapping about some product. It always sounds so damn chessy. Nick for kids has way to many kids rapping in commercials. I’m sick of it.

I hate commercials using urban or new cliches and slang with the old corny white guy trying to be down. “my kids think I’m the shiznick yo”…Dumb as hell. I’m glad I’m a recluse, a socially inept loser that despises the mainstream…yep, I hate commercials in general…

All these car commercials destroying cool music trying to sell, arrrggg…stop it…

That goddamned voice announcers use when trying to get people to come out to some one time event, as if that would make me excited…you know the one…

Our culture is going down the tubes fast, just look around at these commercials and it is so evident it sickens me…

from the cradle to the grave, they think they got us…wrong motherfu*kers…wrong…

The scream is from the bystander who just witnessed Zoom Zoom kid get splatted.


I find the new Coca-Cola fridgepack pointless (who really complained about the shape of a 12-pack? Fits in the fridge just fine if you ask me.) but the commercial with the boy repeatedly opening the fridge and saying “Where’s the Coke?” annoys the hell out of me. If it were my kid, he’d hear “If you’re too dumb to look in the back, I’m disowning you.”

I’m glad Bass has apparently tapered off its “A taste for more” radio commercials. For anyone fortunate enough not to hear it, a guy reads a dull inspirational poem starting with “Bring on the 12-hour day, the critics who say it can’t be done. Here’s to blah, blah, blah.” This might work if 1) the reader didn’t sound like a seventeen-year-old reading for a class assignment 2) it wasn’t an ad for beer. For God’s sake, people, it’s just frickin’ beer. (This might explain why I like Red Stripe’s “Hooray beer!” campaign.) It will no more inspire you to success than it will make hot women instantly appear.

Really? I’d think anyone witnessing that would cheer, or possibly laugh. Maybe both.

Anyway, those Angry Gumball commercials are pretty dumb.

I win:

Are you gellin’?

Good point.

I really, really hate the Snuggle fabric softener commercials.

That bear is just too smug.

I hate all adverts that involve kids on the loo. And also adverts for nappies/toilet paper. And never been too fond of adverts for tampons, either.

Can you see a common theme here?

That’s pretty much all one gets on this Indian TV channel (Zee TV) :smiley:

I know. My mother’s addicted to Zee TV. She’s especially fond of the weeknight serials.

However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an advert like the ones I’ve just described on the channel. The adverts for frozen parathas and Indian pizza are annoying me particularly at the moment. And the one for Disneyland Paris with the bald Indian guy, that annoys me. And all those adverts for namkeen. I will shoot someone the next time I see one of those, specially as my mother, for some reason, thinks that advert’s hilarious and has started reciting the product spiel along with the TV every time it comes on.

Typically, whenever I try to write in threads like these, all the really horrible commercials leave my brain and I pull a blank. But this time…

That rassmfrassm International Delights commercial with Wayne Brady singing to his coffee mate just annoys the living piss outta me. It runs at least twice a day during the commercial feed we run, so it gets pumped in the studio, and there’s no way to avoid it. I just hate hate HATE that damned commercial. And it gets stuck in my head, too, which makes it even worse!

Oooohhh, and those fother mucking Baby Bottle Pops commercials. Jesus Christ, I want to find whoever greenlighted those things and kick their teeth in! That annoying little sing along with all the kids in a dinner was bad enough, but these new commercials with the kids with small baby heads are just terrible and incredibly disturbing. Especially now that they’ve got variuos new flavors and shit, they’re having even creepier commercials…like where the kid’s head spins around. AAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!! I’ve pitted the commercials once a while back, and yet, they just get worse and worse.

Oh, and the commercial for the American Idol movie From Justin to Kelly offends me. Not because it’s a bad commercial, just the fact that it’s a reminder that something this terrible even got made.

That kid in the Pizza Hut commercial :

BA-Zone… Wassa B’Zone.

That i’ll be the day when I let a kid run with MY p’zone.

Oh, I am so with you on that one. I don’t know why, the little kid is supposed to be cute and all… and I just can’t stand him…!

Those god-awful Pop-Tart commercials with the guy “crusing” in his car with the Pop-Tart, or something along those lines. He then proceeds to exclaim:


…while making the worlds biggest fool of himself.