Evil Professional Chefs

I was watching one of those cooking shows that features high class type chefs. One thing that i saw that drives me absolutely nuts is, they will chop up something and then only use HALF of what they chopped up! Why cut that much up if you are only going to use half?!

Also another thing, the Chefs they show that hail from Hawaii always talk about how great “Hawaiian” food is. Uh hello? I always thought that was like a tropical variation on Euro-Asian (One of the greatest of sins was combining Lumpia (eggrolls) with a berre blanc sauce (Sp?). Anyway, the cool chefs are those who actually were born and raised in Hawaii. One was telling us that we didn’t need all of these specialty “Hawaiian” foods, and that we could substitute (i like that!). Something the other snobby chefs never do. Ugh! Anyway i had to get that off of my chest!

If you get a chance, don’t miss the show IRON CHEF… it’s a cook-off contest in Japan, between two Japanese chefs. They have a specific theme (the one I saw was some fish, red snapper I think) that they are to use in making a full meal. One of 'em used the fins, dappled in sugar, as decoration for the dessert. The show was a stitch, the dubbing was terrible (adding to the hilarity). Japanese cultural norms are very different from American.

I have heard about that show. It sounds like a very interesting program. I hear one of the Americans (or is he the only one) who won,actually has the food he cooked on that show on his restaurants menu. Ahh, leave it to the Japanese to mix cooking with combat (well at least make it a competition).

I used to love to watch that cooking show with the old Cajun guy (can’t remember his name)…now there’s a chef that I could relate to!

Is that dude still around?

Contestant #3

go rent “Mr. Nice Guy” - jackie chan as a TV chef.


C3 - that’s Justin Wilson. He’s still on local PBS but I don’t know whether it’s reruns or not. Great food - I ga-ron-tee!

I just saw my first IRON CHEF show last night - it was a riot! The dubbed dialogue sounds like Firesign Theatre.

Re: Iron Chef:




The chef from America that won (the only non-Japanese AFAIK) works around the corner from my place. The place is SOOO snooty that you could not possibly find it unless you knew it was there. I think I walked by it once a day for two years before I realized it was a restaurant. Needless to say, I can’t afford to eat there…

The reason gentlemen prefer blondes is that there are not enough redheads to go around.

The neat thing about Iron Chef is that the narrators sound like American Football sportscasters. They even have a main play-by-play commentator and a “color commentator” going back-and-forth!

Almost as amusing as that PDQ Bach / Peter Schickele sketch where they sportscast Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

The shows with Justin Wilson are re-runs–he’s dead.

Hawaiian cooking? Aren’t these the people who eat more Spam per capita than anyone else?

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That’s my question :). From what i can tell,“Hawai’ian” cooking according to these chefs is re-done Euro-Asian with locally grown “Hawai’ian fruits” (Which are really the tropical fruits from asia but called Hawai’ian because they’re grown there Gag). Note that the chefs who call it that are the upper end chefgs in big fancy high priced restaurants. I think i know the ancestry of Hawai’ian cooking: Nouvelle cuisine, California, Euro-Asian fusion, then Hawaiian. I guess when the trend dies down they’ll use blueberries,cranberries, and temperate fruits and call it Asian-American cooking or something.

I should ask my cousin Inday who grew up on Molokai what is “Hawai’ian cooking”. She’ll probably get confused and ask me “WTF is that?!”.

What became of the “Frugal Gourmet”? I believe his name is jeff Smith, from somewhere west of Chicago. Anyway, he got into trouble a while back-seems he had more than cookin on his mind…

I used to love the Frugal Gourmet! I guess some rumor about him and Boy Scouts or something! Anyone know any truth in this?

When we flew United last week, we discovered they’re on a Hawaiian-cuisine kick. Loved the chocolate-caramel-macadamias, but the “meat” was horrifying! Was it pork, or beef, or what? I like SPAM, and this wasn’t it either.

It is true, Jeff Smith was accused of molesting boys who bussed for him at his restaurant. I can’t remember the details but he made a settlement with at least one guy. This is why his show was taken off the air.

If anyone knows Craig (his assistant on the TV show) please send me his address and phone number. I want to marry him. The guy can cook, clean up, and he’s kinda cute as well.

I love Cachina Amore (Nick is sexy in a weird way) and I think Yan Can Cook is hilarious, but I really miss Craig and my Saturday afternoon fantasy (half) hour.

I also like watching Yankee Workshop, This Old House, Victory Garden, Bob. . . Uh. . . crap, it is late at night, my brain is shutting down. . . . Bob the dead art guy. Shit, what is his name? I like watching Know Your Fire just to see what disgusting thing the guy can come up with (ever see the peanutbutter/chicken stock soup? Bleeech).

I wish I had more time to watch these shows.

. . . Ross.

Finally. :slight_smile:


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“Know Your Fire” is hosted by a guy named George Hirsch. Did you ever notice that nothing he cooks seems to get hot? I mean I don’t think I’ve seen steam coming from his dishes more than a couple of times. I’ve taken to calling his show, “Sweat Your Meat.”

Abstainer: a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.
- Ambrose Bierce

Ross…Bob Ross.

Painted landscapes, brought his ‘little friends’ (squirrels etc) in to visit.

Jeff Smith lives in Seattle, In fact I have seen him several times when at Pike’s Marketplace. He’s in a wheelchair now (unknown why) and it is rumored he may have another show in the works.

I personally like Emeril Lagasse and Paul Prudholm

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