EW! Those nasty Carl's Jr. ads are BACK!

Ick, ack, ook, blech, barf, bleh, snarf, snort, yuck, yar…

For a while, we were mercifully spared from the gross-out “Don’t bother me, I’m eating” ads. For those of you on the east cost, Carl’s Jr. is a burger joint that recently bought out the Hardee’s franchise (so they both sport the SuperStar logo). Anyhoo, these ads consist entirely of someone eating a burger or fries close-up. Slurp, crunch, munch, chew, chew, slurp, crunch…bleeeehhhHHHHHH!

This latest ad I just saw was a close up of a very attractive lady in nice make-up and expensive clothing. I think it was supposed to be sexy…close up of her mouth chomping on a french fry, of her wiping the corners of her mouth, taking a big bite of the burger, etc. Maybe that would be sexy if she was eating *strawberries…*or whipped cream…or something other than a freakin’ HAMBURGER! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! YAK! Bleh…ick…(and hey, I like Carl’s Jr. hamburgers!..but not watching noisy close ups of people EATING them!) Watch gorgeous take a big gross bite of a big fat slimy burger, listen to it crunch, listen to gorgeous as she noisily chews and gulps and…ACK!

Make it go away! Make it go away!

The ones that always made me squirm are the ones where the sauce from the burger drips (in big globs) on everything - clothes, etc. I think those are Carl’s Jr. ads as well. I always cringe when I see them, thinking of trying to clean the messed up clothes. (Of course, I think the “drips” in the ads were digitally added, but still…)

Nothing like dripping grease and wilted tomatoes to stir the passion from within.

I agree. Those ads are disgusting. There is nothing appetizing about hearing people chomping and smacking one of those big-ass burgers. Ugh. I’ve decided that I will never go to Carl’s Jr. again just because their ads are so nasty. It seems like someone would’ve complained before now.

How about the ads where they had former rock stars performing? They also donate money to Right To Life groups and other Christian Coalition type places. I won’t eat there… And I miss Hardee’s, DAMMIT!



You’re both pussies. You’re grossed out by the sight of somebody EATING?!? You must not be a very fun date.

Eh. Screw Hardees. (I guess I never really ate there much.)

One thing about the “new” Hardees. It ain’t Carl’s Jr. It doesn’t have fried zucchini. Phooey.

In California those commercials never stopped.

Thought I recognized that star on the Hardee’s signs. Now they need to import the whole Carl’s Jr. menu. I lived in southern Cal. back in the early '80’s, and one of those big, sloppy, Carl Jr. burgers was the greatest hangover cure ever invented. Too bad about the ads, though.

Screw Carl’s Jr. - since moving from So Cal to the east coast 6 months, I miss IN-N-OUT burger the most!!!

What I wouldn’t give for a double double w/extra spread right about now…

Along those same lines, the “Got Milk?” ads nauseate me. I do NOT want to see people with milk smeared on their faces, especially guys with moustaches! Even if I liked milk, those ads would turn me off it forever!

Since we’re in slight hijack mode . . .
There’s an ad for Rice Krispies Squares which features an obese sweaty guy fashioning a life size woman out of the stuff. His dog ends up eating the head of the doll. At the end there is a shot of this fat, unshaven, sweaty face - close-up on the mouth - shoving a Square in his mouth. It looks like bad '70’s porno. What’s worse, is they show it at the movies along with the coming attractions. Imagine those Carl’s jr. ads on the big screen. Ugh.

And I miss fuckin’ Roy Rogers. :sigh:

“And I miss fuckin’ Roy Rogers. :sigh:”

—Yeah, you and Dale Evans . . .


Oh, that’s priceless.


I guess I’m the only person on the planet who actually loves Carl’s Jr’s food.

However, I do agree with Phouchg (how is that pronounced?)… In 'n Out is much better.

No, **dolt[/]. I won’t eat there because the owner donates some of the profits to zealous conservative christian causes, including the 700 Club. Why should I spend money at a homophobe owning restaurant so he can use the money I spend there to cause me problems?

Hastur, I’m not saying I don’t believe you, but I’ve never heard that before. Do you have some cites? I’d like to know, because it would cause quite a moral dilemma for me, as I happen to love Carl’s Double Western Bacon Cheeseburgers.

That was WAY TOO EASY!
I laughed my ass off!


Same reason I give to all PETA types when they ask me why I eat meat… It tastes fucking great.

But my apologies… my original post was referring to everybody who decided not to eat at Carl’s because their commercials depicted people who happened to not be using their sald fork properly. I guess you just happened to get lost in the crowd. :smiley: