Ex-Eagle Randy Meisner's wife shot to death.

Lana Rae Meisner, 63, wife of former Eagles bassist Randy Meisner was shot yesterday in a reported accident. Meisner told police his wife had been searching for something in a hall closet where there were two guns and that one gun had started to fall, and went off while she was attempting to catch it. Meissner was found in an “altered state” by police and had refused to acknowledge that his wife was dead.

Police had been called earlier in the day when Lana Rae reported a domestic dispute. According to sources a suspect has been taken into custody, but it’s unclear whether Meisner is that suspect.

This sounds terrible on a number of levels. Sorry to hear.

Lots of statements and insinuation in what is shared via TMZ and Page 6. I hope we can hold off for a bit to see what actually plays out.

Yeah, I avoided making any judgements in my OP. There’s always more to the story that will turn up during further investigation. It’s turning out to be a bad year to be an Eagle.

When I saw The Eagles last year, Bernie Leadon had returned to the band. Don Henley mentioned that Randy Meisner had also been invited, but that he was unable due to join due to health issues. I assumed at the time that he was referring to a physical sickness, but in retrospect, he may well have been referring to his mental health.

I’d say it’s more a bad year to be the wife of an Eagle, but okay.

Yeah, no disrespect meant to Randy Meisner’s wife, but that in conjunction with Glenn Frey’s death earlier this year, it seems that tragedy is following this group around lately. And I’m sure that Meisner loved his wife. Taking this event at face value, as soon as the fact of her death sinks in, I’m sure that he’ll be inconsolable.

Several of the Eagles had major drug problems in the Seventies, but Meisner’s was the worst, which is why he was dumped for Tim Schmit and never invited to join any recent Eagles reunions.

Sounds as if he’s still not over his issues. Sad.

The LAPD has closed their investigation, ruling that Mrs. Meisner’s death was accidental. They noted that Meisner was cooperative throughout the investigation.


My sympathies to Meisner for the tragic loss of his wife.

I’m sorry but I gotta call foul.

I am sympathetic to people with mental health issues and have enjoyed Randy’s music…

But she called the cops earlier in the day on him…

She’s shot to death ***less than 2 hours later.

And less than 24 hours after THAT, they are closing their investigation???

So the gun was loaded, unsecured, mixed in with unrelated items, in a place where it could fall. A negligence accident waiting to happen.

I’m with Typo. This story stinks like a Weiner Dog.

It’s possible that the reporter has wrongly concluded that the case is already closed. It’s also possible that the evidence was clearly pointing to accident, but we’re not hearing about the details yet.

For instance, I assume that at least one other person was in the home at the time of the shooting who could corroborate the accidental shooting claim. After all, Randy Meisner was reportedly in an “altered” state of mind and wouldn’t accept that his wife was dead. So that means that someone else had to call to report the shooting, no? It’s quite possible that one or more people were with Meisner or the victim when the gun went off.

Yeah, I know what you meant. I was wrong to assume he was guilty, even though it was a reasonable assumption IMO, based on the disturbance call earlier. I guess if he’s innocent, he’s having a really bad year, too.

All we know for sure right now is that Randy, a man so intoxicated and agitated that his wife called the cops on him 2 hours earlier, was there. Maybe there was someone else there. We don’t know yet.

2 hours after you called the cops on your husband seems like a strange time to moving rifles around in your closet.

This was less than 24 hours after the incident. Just how thorough could that investigation have been?

Plus, there’s the whole logistical thing of HOW this can happen. What kind of gun was it? Not only was 1) a round in the chamber, 2) the safety was off, and 3) the gun was ready to fire (hammer pulled back if handgun, for example), but also 4) she managed to catch it by the trigger with 5) it pointing right at her head. Does anyone buy this?

On the other hand, why would the cops cover it up? Afraid of another celebrity murder trial ending up as acquittal?

Doesn’t seem strange to me if perhaps she felt like she needed some extra protection after the cops left. Still, does seem a little quick to open and close this case.

All I am saying is that the circumstances and timing are a little suspicious. Given those circumstances, an investigation lasting less than 24 hours seems like a bit of a rush. I don’t think they close traffic accident investigations that quickly.

The only thing that makes any sense is if it was a clear suicide. With a witness, other than the stoned dude, preferably.

Meisner, who has been cleared in his wife’s death, is currently on a 72 hour psychiatric hold after threatening to commit suicide.