Ex-Lax brownies illegal? Prunes too slow? Have some gummy bears!

Not directly related to the thread at all…yet its title compels me to share this story.

I was working as a DJ at a country music station in 1987. The group Ballie and the Boys had just had a pretty good-sized hit with a song called “Oh Heart.”

When their follow-up single was released, I decided to introduce it thusly:

"Well, here’s the story of a guy who got his Ex-Lax and his Hershey Bars mixed up…it’s called “He’s Letting Go”!

I’m so lucky that I’m mostly immune to the laxative effects. I say ‘mostly’ because I’ve never downed a whole bag of sugar free candy at once, so maybe it’d kick in then! :smiley: I do get vague stomachaches, but nothing bad enough for this diabetic to avoid the sugar free stuff.

You have it with even the stuff they put in soda? That sucks! I think most people only have problems with the ones that were close to sugar in both structure and chemical properties, like the sugar alcohols. Since you don’t digest them, it’s like having sugar in your waste–the same sort of thing that causes lactose intolerance.

Oh, well, that’s OK, then.

These generally have a similar sweetness to sugars, so they’re present in large amounts. The stuff they put in soda is orders of magnitude sweeter, so there really isn’t much present at all.

Sugarless candy or sweets is really just plain nonsense. It should be banned. :mad:

Not as violent of a reaction as with sugar-free candy, but still enough that I’m very careful to avoid sugar-free drinks. I’m fine with stevia (though it had a very unpleasant chemical taste to me), and I’ve never had enough sucralose to know if it would be a problem.

I think there already has been! :smiley:

What is described in the OP reminds me of one of my worst days on the planet.

We had bought sugar free gummy bears while on a water skiing trip. I ate a whole bag (which sounds like more than it is) and went to sleep in the sun. I awoke about a half hour later in sweltering heat, made worse but my digestive discomfort. The bloating, good God, the bloating! I would swell as if an alien creature were about to pop up out of my abdomen, then subside. This went on for hours. Have you ever prayed for a good long fart? I did, but my prayer was not answered!

It finally stopped. I have never eaten another gummy bear. Or anything else with sorbitol in the ingredients.

Along with non-alcoholic beer and decaffeinated coffee. These products are akin to having a woman who won’t put out!

That would be the ricin.

Not intrinsically. It’s fine to make Ex-Lax brownies and eat them yourself or give them to other people after making those people aware of what they are. However, if you give them to people without making those people aware of what they are or otherwise trick people into eating them unawares, that’s potentially criminal. It’s legally poisoning and potentially dangerous, because the person might have a bad reaction due to a medical condition or from eating a larger dose than you intended. In addition, it’s really illegal to drug someone without their consent.

Ever since I checked out the OPs link, Amazon has been put up ads for Haribo sugarless gummi bears all over this page.

Wiki sez-

So I would be perfectly safe in making some ex-lax brownies and labeling them “special ex-lax brownies”. Then if people took them it wouldn’t have been a surprise. It’s not my fault if they don’t believe me right?

We should keep this thread in mind, to cite it in the next colonoscopy thread.

Perhaps I should even include this thread in my accumulated list of SDMB colonoscopy threads (which I’ve posted or linked several times already in the last year). Of course, there can be no doubt it will come up again by and by.

Those who don’t run from this item, will?

I was sort of wondering about that myself, and the extent of legal liability. What if you were in an office with food theft issues, brought unlabeled brownies, and just claimed later that you made them for yourself because you were constipated, and had no intention of poisoning anyone, heaven forbid!

I recall once as a child, I loaded some brownies with Ex-Lax and tried to get my long-suffering father to eat them. Suspicious of my hard sell, he gave them to the dog instead!