Examine this waste of flesh--he burns historic churches.

Sweet Jebus!


This asshole burned a historic church because he “wanted to destroy something beautiful”.

:eek: :mad: :mad:

I half-recall an ancient tale of a similar idiot that burned a temple to a Greek Goddess, so that he would become famous, and have his name live forever. Makes me reconsider reincarnation…

Sounds like he watched too much fight club.

The congregation I belong to, Grace Episcopal Cathedral, was once torched by an arsonist. Just before Thanksgiving in 1975 the sanctuary was gutted by fire, and only the walls were left standing. It was rebuilt within three years. That is, roofed over and made usable, But it wasn’t until last year that the last of the stained glass windows was installed, and there is some woodwork going on now.

That congregation, if they are going to rebuild, has a long road to recovery.

We had one of those nutballs in Savannah last month. He went into a 100+ year old church and started a fire because he was “concerned with the current state of religion in the world”.

He go bye-bye now.

In two weeks he’ll be a celebrated artist. He’ll have a whole tour where they have him burn down works of beauty.

That would be the temple of Artemis, in Ephesus, the idiot was Herostratus; which in fact was quite succesfully in his endeavor.

I plan to blow up mount Everest to get into history books. :smiley:

It’s sad to see people like this exist in the world. What happened to live and let live?

Amateur! Meet Varg Vikernes, self-described “Satanist”, which apparently in his case is a synonym for “anti-Christian/Jewish/Muslim, racist, fascist asshole”. He managed to burn down three historic churches, including one of only 30ish centuries-old wooden stave churches left in the country, and kill a guy in cold blood before he was caught.

Kudos to the police who caught him after his escape, and let’s all give a major, major boot to the head to the idiots in the prison system who thought this waste of human tissue was ready for an unsupervised weekend leave, shall we?

I get SO uneasy when anything just over the age of 40 is described as “historic”, you know. :frowning:

(I had the opposite problem with flodnak’s post - reading it with insufficient caffeine input, I thought, at first, that it referred to churches 30 centuries old. The really bad bit is that it took a good 5 mins for me to get it right.)
That aside, he is one vile waste of oxygen, methinks. Hell, I could think of plenty of buildings he would be more than welcome to burn down.

[Eddie Izzard]

I’m from Europe, where the history comes from…

I always laugh when I see people in America announce things like “We have restored this building to how it looked FIFTY YEARS AGO!

“No, no! Impossible! People weren’t even AROUND then!”

[/Eddie Izzard]

Time for the old line:

In Europe, two hundred miles is a long distance…
You know the rest.

This guy is still a utter moron and should be beaten with nettles daily until the church is rebuilt.

“Nettles”? Fuck nettles!

Last three paragraphs in the linked article:

Seems to me that the defense still has the upper hand. At least for the time being.

Yes, but it’s so hard to get a good wind-up and delivery with a fistfull of scorpions.

Oh, wait! We could make a Scorpion Gun[sup]TM[/sup], and fire the little buggers at him! Yay! Justice is served! (at three hundred miles per hour!)

A 1920’s Style Scorpion Gun

Sorry about that. I really am. :wink:

Beat me to it, flodnak. I opened the thread thinking it was about ol’ Varg.

I thought the thread was going to be about Varg also.

Then when it wasn’t, I thought I’d be smart and bring him up. Damn you flodnak for stealing my glory!

“That beautiful old church was turned into a giant torch,”

Don’t get me wrong, this guy has some serious issues to deal with. But 44 years isn’t old for a HOUSE, let alone a CHURCH! I’ve never seen it, but I wouldn’t put it in the “historic” column.

Dude’s fucked up though.