"Example Mixed FN Show" -- on Netflix Streaming

Watch it quick, before it disappears!

It’s a wonderfully random video that I don’t think is supposed to be there. Scenes include:

A building, a fountain, a hand enjoying the fountain a little too much, a man running around with a netflix dvd, a man running at random through some trees, a man moonwalking, badly, a man tossing a volleyball, a man juggling, a man reciting shakespeare, badly, a toy train, and some other things.

It seems to be, in some fashion, a test of their captioning functions–though I never did see any captions, and in fact, there’s only about a minute of speech in the whole 11 minute video.

Why this video? Why these scenes? What were they doing? Who exactly was doing it? Where is this building and town? Who is this man? Why is he so bad at things?

I don’t know if links to streaming Netflix videos work this way, but in case they do, here’s a link, possibly.

Ah, here’s a youtube video of someone videoing their TV while it plays the Example Film. It’s apparently at least a year old, though googling turned up no mentions of it prior to today.

The site instantwatcher.com has these listed along with the rest of Netflix catalogue.

It a series with episodes.

The strangest thing of all is that Netflix thinks that I will give it a three star rating.

There are six episodes but they are all exactly the same except the titles give a clue to what is going on…maybe

Ep 1: Fn
Ep 2: No FN
Ep 3: No timed text
Ep 4: CC instead of subs
Ep 5: Multiple FN
Ep 6: FN no subs

35 people have written “reviews”, some of which are pretty funny.

I recognize the building. It’s Netflix’s HQ in Los Gatos (I’ve been there. Sweet digs.)

Goolgle “Netflix example short”. There are mentions of it from well over a year ago.