Excel Irritation

Perhaps my esteemed comrades can aid me.

I have massive excel workbook.

The irritating bastard who set it up and passed on to me has an exceedingly large number of seperate sheets --fine I do the same thing-- and its all in A4 and bizarre irritating layout. I don’t have A4 for my print, and the layout is obnoxious.

I’d like to print its 60 odd pages out in a pleasing --to me-- format so I can check things at my liesure. I’m sure that I should know this by now, but my brain is small: please direct me to the most efficient manner of applying a single page format/size/layout to the whole entire workbook and its Legion of sheets.

Right click on a sheet tab and choose select all sheets and then do your print set up. It will be the same for every sheet.