Exchanging Nicaraguan Cordobas for US Dollars

I have 1356 Nicaraguan Cordobas that I would like to exchange for a whopping 96.24 US Dollars.

These were given to me by my father in the 80’s, I just rediscovered them and would like to exchange them.

What are some good places I can do this? Are there any security checks I have to go thru since they are from Nicaragua?

Will I have to wait several weeks, or can they just exchange it on the spot?

Nicaraguan currency/coin from the 1980’s has been devalued to the point where it is worthless. Just as is currency/coins from many/most Latin American and Central American nations.

Just keep them as souvenirs.

Actually they are not worthless, If I’m correct (my gf recently visited Nicaragua and I’m not looking at a site) It’s approximately 15 to the American dollar. 1356 of them do make a tidy sum.
But no, as long as it’s not a peso 1356 of whatever are usually worth something.

They aren’t entirely worthless… 1356 cordobas are worth $96.24, according to this currency exchange calculator: http://finance.yahoo.com/m3?u

I just need to know if there will be any problems if I try to exchange them.

Currency is currency, I’m just not quite sure where you could convert such a large amound of obscure currency unless you live in a large city where you could find a specialty place. My gf had to wait until the airport in Nicaragua to exchange her money. And another thing which might factor, some places might not be happy exchanging green for 1356 coins, is this in paper (if so what denominations) or in coinage?

Sorry to burst your bubble.

You’re both thinking like you live in the US where you can spend money that is dated in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, etc.

Try living in the rest of the world. YOur money devalues so fast that your government every few years decides to come out with NEW MONEY to combat inflation. You have a fixed amount of time to turn your old cordobas in for NEW cordobas.

(Why do I keep wanting to type Corinthian Leather?. :smiley:

Your cordobas from the 1980’s are NOT good anymore in Nicaragua. They don’t use them anymore. They won’t redeem them. They are worthless. NOr are they redeemable in any country in the world.

Ask citizens of almost any South American country, Eastern Europeans, or any “Third World Country”(sorry to sound so demeaning).

Samclem is right, upon some further research here , on page 16 it says, “In February 1988, the government started to implement a renewed effort of stabilization, which included among other things the elimination of the multiple exchange rate system, the change of currency denomination from 1,000 old Cordobas per one new Cordoba. A huge devaluation followed of over 14,186 percent of the official exchange rate from C$ 70 old Cordobas per dollar to C$10 new ones per dollar.”

Well I learned something new about the economy of Nicaragua in the late 1980’s today.
And sorry to say that you have (assuming that you could find someone to exchange them) about 13 cents in Cordobas.

Here’s a site that shows what Nicaragua currency is obsolete:

Banco Central de Nicaragua

Well, that’s a major bummer… I guess I’m stuck with some nice brown pictures :slight_smile:

How many notes do you have? What denominations?