Excite closing down? Cable ISP's kaput?

I heard about this as I was trying to resolve a problem with Qwest DSL. I got my problem fixed (Somewhat), but I was stunned when the tech support guy talked about the cable deal. He talked about a shit-load of people being screwed.

Holy shit.

I put this is in the pit because I know at some point someone’s going to come in here and bitch big-time- I don’t blame them. I just wonder if they’ll be able to log on and vent.


Just FYI, it’s been a topic around in a few places:




I think people are more stunned than anything at this point. Good start but if people lose their connection, they can’t much bitch about it. :wink:

Ahhh, I didn’t see those. Thanks.

Like I saidn earlier, my connection’s gone wonky and my online time is sporadic, at best.

I thought for sure someone would have bitched about it here, in the pit. I guess everyone else found out about it long before I did.

Here, too.