Exclamations only thread!

From here!: Questions Only thread - #5486 by dirtball

What a great idea! Thanks, dirtball!

But why?!!

Because it’s awesome!



I love it! I REALLY DO!!!

Hey, I’m glad!

Oy, vey!

So pleased that you like it!

OMG, I must participate!

That was so fun!

This is even better than the cup of prefabricated hot garlic chicken-flavored “stir fry” noodles I’m eating for lunch!

Bah! Nonsense!

I’m feeling no emotions whatsoever!

My daughter loves those!

They’re even better if you slice up a Johnsonville smoked brat and throw it in!

What a dumb idea for a thread! You’ll never catch me posting on it!

Better look again, Cardigan!

Are you for real?!

Ha ha! Everybody look at Cardigan posting here!

I know!!!