Excuse me!

I just sneezed all over the board.

I tried to wipe it up but I think I just smeared germs everywhere.

So you might to wash your hands after posting here.

Oh and this bug comes straight from Germany. German germs. I think they’re worse than normal.

I’m real sick. (Cough) :frowning:

er…no, honey. uglybeech sneezed and must have missed some.

German Germs, eh uglybeech?

So. They are worse. I suspected as much. (hack cough snort).

Aw, great. This is how that big world flu plague is going to start, isn’t it?

[Ralph Wiggum]

I touched the germs and then the germs went in my mouth and then I ate them.

[/Ralph Wiggum]

Yup, sorry. My bad.


Gah! Bird flu!


Flu of 1918!

I have done more than “sneeze” on my keyboard! :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: