Exercise Your Rights! (For Cryin Out Loud!)

Here it is, my first thread.

Today, I was present at the “garage-sale” style clearance of a store that is going out of business. The doors were to open at 4pm. By 3:45, there were over a dozen people milling about outside the store, waiting to get in. (At this point I should mention that ours is a small, friendly town, and this was not a chain store). At 2 minutes to 4, the store owner opened the door - it turned out, she was just letting one of her employees outside. However, all that the first woman in line saw was the store owner, holding the door open. She assumed (not a great leap here) that the doors were now open, and moved forward to enter the store. The owner barked at her, “We’re not open yet! You can wait until 4:00 like everybody else!” (I’m quite sorry that the voice inflections, etc, cannot as yet be transmitted by means of this message board.) She then slammed and locked the door in this woman’s face.

Well, that’s not exactly the news. People are rude all the time, even people who are trying to make money. What really blew my mind is that everyone in that lineup - including the woman who’d just been yelled at - stayed stock still like good little sheep, waiting to go in the store and spend their hard-earned money.

PEOPLE! Exercise your rights as a consumer! When someone treats you like shit, go somewhere else! If a clerk (or whoever) is rude to you, send them a message - that you won’t put up with that kind of behaviour! I couldn’t believe my eyes that not ONE PERSON moved from that lineup. The message that behaviour sends is, "I don’t deserve better than this; I am not worthy to be treated well.

Anyway that’s enough ranting for now. Just wanted to encourage everyone to DIScourage rude behaviour like this by “putting your money where your mouth is”.

Yet another witness to the power of the 60% off regular price.

Line 3

The store was going out of business, huh? It appears that the damage has already been done.

I would have probably have initiated a lawsuit against the person in question just to teach them a lesson they will never, ever forget. :mad:

Zombies are always half off or more.

IceColdChiliPepper, do you realize that you joined to respond to a thread that is almost 14 years old?

What’s the point in bumping up an 14 year old thread that has a topic which doesn’t apply any more? :confused:

I think the statute of limitations must be expired by now.

Wouldn’t matter even if it still applied.
The OP was about a non-chain store going out of business.

Its a hard time for the person at the shop, they don’t want to do this !

Or they were administrators or something, they were accountant/bookkeeper type person not used to dealing with the public like that.

So there’s no real point in being worried about it.

The shop person thinks “I would say we are open now, come in”.
The person trying to get in thinks “When the door open at 4pm, thats its, its open.”.Who ever yells at the street saying “come in!” when they open the shop ??? " The corner store opens at 6.58am ,do they yell at people queued up for the bus at the bus stop ?