Experience using a hotel concierge to buy tickets

We take in a ton of shows per year, but plan trips around them. We’re about to catch a couple nights of Galactic. One of those nights will be in New York City, and we’re staying through the weekend. Since we’ll be taking in a couple nights of concerts, we’re not sure if we want to book something on Sunday or not—and may turn to the concierge. We’ve used them for dinner reservations and the like, but never for tickets.

Will they mostly just call Ticketmaster or the box office and (aside from a tip), charge us face value? Have you gotten ‘better’ tickets than you otherwise could (kind of like having the right credit card when buying tickets)? I guess that last one is where I’m curious. Especially since we’re on the fence, does it pay seat-wise to hold off until we see how we feel on Sunday? Or should we just head to Tkts if the mood strikes?

In my opinion, if you are going to wait until day-of, you are best off going to TKTS. Any good seats should have been sold already. It simply isn’t practical for any theatre to hold good seats to the day-of. They have no way of knowing if the seat would be sold or not. It also does not make sense for the concierge to sit on inventory either. The exception would be unused house seats that might get released last minute, but you really can’t count on that happening.

I’ve on a few occasions received fantastic seats via TKTS. So even if good seats get released last minute (cancellation or house seats) you can possibly get them from TKTS.