Experiences we miss.

Occasionally I wish I could relive a certain experience from my past.

I am reminded of it by the arrival of an enya track ‘paint the sky with stars’ on my mp3 player which is playing as I type.

The experience is this: Reading the first three harry potter books for the first time whilst listening to enya.

Rendered more special by the fact that until those three books I wasn’t a reader of books. I’d stopped reading since I was much younger (when I read Roald Dahl books) My mum and step-dad got me the three books for my Birthday. I fell in love with the characters so that every bit of the story was an emotional ride for me.

I think the listening to enya (on headphones) helped because for me, listening to music switches the mind into a different gear that is more emotional and dramatic than it is during the mundane experiences of the day
So what experiences do you miss from your past? If possible try to convey in such a way that we get a sense of how it felt for you at the time.

I miss playing water hose wars with my best friends when we were kids. It was years and years ago, and we are still best friends even past college, but every once in a while I will nail one with a waterhose and we just laugh and laugh.

My oldest currently active friend, who I’ve known since junior high and is now a roommate, and I used to play the arcade game WWF Superstars together, and have an absolute blast hitting the opposing wrestlers, and each other, with chairs. He would always be the big boss man, I would be Macho Man Randy Savage. And one time I clotheslined the Ultimate Warrior out of existence. Good times. Sadly, (a) it’s hard to find a WWF Superstars machine these days, and (b) it probably wouldn’t be as much fun as we remember it being.

Using a curved stick as a sabre and leading a cavalry unit of dogs in a downhill charge against an invisible foe when I was a kid growing up on a farm. The battle varied (Hastings, Bull Run, Yorktown) and it wasn’t always easy to get the dogs to follow me into battle, but when they did- just one of life’s great moments. Unfortunately today I just have two terriers instead of “the pack” we had when I was a kid. If I were to lead a charge today the Rat Terrier would retreat, the Jack Russell mix would somehow charge himself and the neighbors would start a petition against me (especially since today I have real cavalry sabres and a real cavalry pistol and couldn’t bring myself to use a stick), but in memory I sound “Charge!” more often than I probably should.

Fresh bread from the baker’s van. We also used to buy the most delicious cream buns.

My parents had a houseboat nestled way back in the bayou, completely away from civilization. A generator for electricity which we rarely ran, we brought our water in and it was peaceful and quiet.

I’d bring my a good book up on the top deck, lay out blanket and pillow, slather up with suntan oil, and become engrossed in the story while being gently rocked by the water.

Not necessarily; and oh, believe me, yes it will be!

I don’t know how far the nearest boardwalk is to you, but go there and talk to arcade owners. Maybe you’ll luck out and someone will have one right there they’ll sell you, but if not, they can get their hands on one. Worst case, they have to order a WWF Superstars board and install it in a generic case. But one way or another, an arcade owner can easily put a machine in your basement for a couple hundred bucks.

When I was living with my friend Tom (a classic videogame collector), oh man, the hours we would spend whailing on each other in that game!

My brother-in-law recently built a full MAME emulator in a custom coin-op cabinet (kind of like this, but with a shitload more games). Tom and I came over, and the first thing we did was fire up our old favorite.

Trust me…it’s still as much fun.

I miss the feeling of first being in love. Nothing will ever be so good again.

I miss the feeling of holding my daughter for the first time. It was an indescribable feeling.

I miss the way I felt hearing the first 5 notes of Momentary Lapse of Reason was it first came out. I felt a moment of euphoria that Floyd was really back.


My grandparents just recently sold their old home.

I miss lying in the hammock in the back yard, early in the morning, watching the sun rise through the leaves above in complete peaceful silence.

I miss diving in their pool–that first shock of cold, then tiptoeing in further, then swimming out to the diving board and flailing around with those noodles.

I miss their garden, and the cool stones under bare feet, and the rickety gate that never latched properly shut. I miss rolling down the grassy hill in front and the park hidden by the trees a short walk away.

I miss watching the sunsets.

I miss that station wagon ride I had with Marie in the 11th grade. If I’d known then what I know now, that car wouldn’t have touched the ground all the way home… :wink:

I miss digging the holes in my childhood backyard. When I was 8-10, I slowly dug three series of 8x10x4 foot holes in my backyard. It probably doesn’t sound like much fun, but it was one of the greatest times of my life.

I miss the feeling I felt when I finally beat my 7th grade best friend in Goldeneye. Suck it Chris!

Pick-up baseball after school. The gang would arrive, and depending on how many showed up, we’d set the rules (work-ups, 4 on a team, second base over, pitcher’s hand, etc). For the next couple of hours, that was our world. There are organized games in every city park these days. I wonder if those kids ever get to enjoy the sport on their own terms.

Two distinctly feel-good childhood memories: The joy of Christmas, and the excitement of the last day of school before summer vacation. :frowning:

Being a senior in high school and feeling like I was on top of the world, watching my most favorite band play my favorite song at a concert. I was so close to the stage, I could touch it. That moment of pure happiness was intoxicating…remembering the night itself feels so hazy, but I miss the feeling of awe and content more than anything.

Riding a naked horse.

When I was a kid I used to get grounded quite regularly. When I was grounded I still had to go feed my horse at a stable near my house, but I was not supposed to ride.

For reasons too complicated to go into we didn’t keep tack at the stable, so when I didn’t take the bridle along for the feed run, my mother figured I couldn’t ride the horse. Little did she know. Who needs a bridle? I had a great time riding without. I took her around the barrels and I took her over the jumps, but the best thing was just getting into the areas where we could go really fast, and doing so. Or doing some hill climbing.

I bet I never get to do that again.

I miss 2004, particularly March through September. I had my first kiss, first blowjob and my first three full-blown sexual partners during that time; I got more enjoyment out of drugs and music than ever before and since; and it just seemed like I was on a neverending joyride overall. I was confident but not cocky, and charming in my own goofy way; due to my late start in the world of sex and romance I really had no idea how to go about pursuing a date, so I turned off a couple of women I liked by coming on too strong, but I unconsciously struck just the right balance of confidence and naivete (and good looks, as I was also in the best shape of my life and I was just starting to pay attention to my appearance) so that I always had at least one if not three affectionate women in my life at any given point. When I wasn’t getting laid (and sometimes even when I was) my friends were always dropping in to share a laugh, a bowl of chronic and sometimes a few lines with me. I was just having fun all of the time; never awkward and never bored. And whenever I ran out of cheeba and really wanted to get high, karma (or something) kicked in and I got a phone call from a friend inviting me to a party.

But I was comfortable being alone, too. Some of my fondest memories of that time were just sitting around at home, browsing the Dope and watching TV. I would smoke a bowl and find the perfect snack, then turn on the TV and happen upon the perfect trippy thing to watch. Or I’d just lie on my bed and happily read a book, or lie down on the couch in the living room and listen to Deltron 3030 or Jimi Hendrix (I had an eclectic playlist). There were a couple times when I would play the Postal Service on some headphones, crack some whippits and seem to uncover some amazing, beautiful truth about the universe that I wouldn’t be able to describe when I came down but which would stay with me forever.

Sigh. I’ve been hoping to feel like that again for a long time (not necessarily by using drugs; I figured out after a year or so that just getting high wouldn’t recreate it). Now, thanks to a series of depressing events I’ll spare you from reading about in this thread, I’m a bit of a recluse and I’m just barely coming out of my shell. On the bright side, the last time I was stuck in a reclusive rut like this was about a year and a half before the time period I mentioned above. I can feel myself crawling out of my shell gradually and at least I can hope that by the middle of 2008 I’ll be having the time of my life again.

I miss leaving the house in the morning barefoot, with nothing on but a swimsuit, carrying only a towel, a book and a sandwich to cross the street to play on the shores of Lake Michigan all day until the neighbor rang the big bell she had in her side yard that was the signal for all kids to go home and eat dinner.

That might be the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever written.

I miss being a kid.

Going to Riverview; my family and my best friend’s family (we were three kids each, and each of their kids was best friends with us). It was a major outing every summer. We were jumping out of our skin for weeks before we went. I think it’s probably my best childhood memory.

I miss eating burritos*.

Coming home from Trader Joe’s* on a cold day and making a nice plate of sourdough* and sharp cheddar* along with a glass of red wine to watch a movie or read a book.

I expect that some day I will be able to once again relieve these experiences, though.

*unavailable in Bulgaria.